5 Foodie Ideas For College Students

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Ah, college! If you are like many students, your food options while away at college are important to you. Larger universities offer multiple food service options including cafeterias, snack bars and in some cases restaurants to serve up a delicious meal. Perhaps you live in a dorm or in an apartment and want to supplement or replace your food plan with other options. Cooking for yourself is one option to explore and the good news here is that you don’t have to be a gourmet chef to serve up wholesome and delicious meals on a budget.

Three Can Soup

Some of the best meals can be made right out of the can, recipes that have been experimented with and perfected by college students down through the years. A three can soup medley can be assembled, prepared and cooked in about 10 minutes, providing enough food for you and three others.

First, pick up cans of corn, stewed tomatoes and black beans from the store. Next, combine the beans and the stewed tomatoes, draining the corn separately before mixing all three. Place in a pot on the stove and heat until warm. If you want to add some kick, include chili powder. You can also serve your ingredients with tortillas and customize your entree with cheese or sour cream.

Banana Strawberry Smoothie

If you have a blender, then you have the perfect machine for assembling smoothies. A banana strawberry smoothie is a delicious and healthy way to start or finish your day.

Take six ounces of strawberries and remove the stems. Take one banana, ripe and peeled, placing all your fruit in the blender. Add in one-third a cup of yogurt and a full cup of ice cubes. Blend until smooth. Add a dash of sugar or honey for an especially sweetened taste.

Fresh Fruit Dip

If you have access to a local farmer’s market, then head there for your fresh fruit. Otherwise, your green grocer will have a variety of fruit available as well as the low fat sour cream and brown sugar that make this dip so delightful.

Wash and slice your fruit, choosing whatever selection of fruits you want. Blend two tablespoons of brown sugar and eight ounces of sour cream in a mixing bowl to create the dip. If desired, add in granola.

Trail Mix Snack

Sometimes you simply want a snack to tide yourself over until the next meal. Avoid the candy bar temptation or the fat-laced potato chips and build a trail mix snack instead. This snack is so easy to put together — you may already have all the ingredients on hand.

Take out your favorite popcorn bowl and the ingredients for this delightful snack. Pop two cups of low fat popcorn and place this in the bowl. Add in a half cup of raisins, 1.5 cups of honey nut cheerios, a quarter cup of honey roasted soy nuts and a quarter cup of dark chocolate cups. Mix, eat and enjoy!

Egg Muffin Delight

You love the taste of a certain popular fast food operator’s egg muffin sandwich, something that you can make in your apartment for less money and fewer calories. 

Take one egg, crack it and place it a warm skillet, breaking the yolk. Place in one slice of low fast American cheese and flip over. In another skillet warm up two ounces of lean ham or a frozen vegetable patty. Toast your muffin. Once done, slater both sides with margin and then add the egg and the meat. 

Food Considerations

Make certain that all foods are cooked properly. Bacteria such as salmonella and e. coli are present in many foods and can contaminate other foods if raw foods touch uncooked foods. Refrigerate left over foods promptly, within two hours of making.

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