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Young people seeking work are often stuck in a catch 22 situation. Companies are looking for employees with work experience under their belt. But it is impossible to build up work experience without first securing a job. Even college and university graduates may struggle to convince employers to hire them if they have no work experience on their CVs, despite their impressive qualifications.

The solution to this dilemma may lie in securing an apprenticeship. When a company takes on an apprentice, it commits to providing high-quality work experience together with time off to study for a nationally-recognised qualification.

Unlike full-time students, apprentices are able to earn while they learn, making an apprenticeship an attractive option for young people who want to become independent. The combination of skills, practical experience and a relevant qualification means that, when the apprenticeship ends, the employee will be in demand. According to research carried out for the Department for Business Innovation and Skills in May 2012, 80% to 85% of apprentices remain in employment at the end of their apprenticeships. The study found that 54% to 64% of completers remain with the same employer.

There is a solid commitment to apprenticeships in the Stockport area. In September 2013, Stockport Council reached its ambitious target to secure 100 apprenticeships with local employers in 100 days. A total of 47 companies signed up to the scheme, offering a total of 103 apprenticeships in a diverse range of careers, including child care, hospitality, retail and administration.

Starting off as an apprentice can be the first step on an impressive career ladder, as these celebrities demonstrate.

  • Ross Brawn has held some of the top technical jobs in F1, working in senior positions with Ferrari, Honda and Benetton. He even owned his own team, which won both the drivers’ and constructors’ championships in 2009. Before reaching these lofty heights, Brawn began his career as an apprentice engineer.
  • You may recognise John Frieda’s name from the hair care aisle of your local supermarket. Before he became a celebrity stylist and household name, Frieda first had to earn his hairdressing stripes as an apprentice in a local salon.
  • Alexander McQueen learned about the fashion industry from the bottom up. The renowned designer started out as an apprentice with a Savile Row tailor before his avant-garde designs caught the eye of celebrities such as Lady Gaga.
  • Jamie Oliver first came to public attention as “The Naked Chef”. From there his culinary exploits have taken him to places as diverse as 10 Downing Street and school kitchens. His chain of restaurants, Fifteen, offers training opportunities to disadvantaged young people. The foundation for this high-powered career in the food industry was a catering apprenticeship.

Whether you are interested in getting your foot on the first rung of the career ladder or have completed an apprenticeship and are looking to climb higher, you will find the latest jobs in Stockport advertised on Essential Personnel. Log on now to find the perfect starting point for your dazzling career.

Steven Pearson has extensively worked as a career consultant. He enjoys helping people find their way in the workforce and he often writes about his experiences and research online.

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