Discover A Career In Computer Animation

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Computer animation boasting career options for 3D graphic designers and web developers beyond the entertainment industry and into the world of science.

Providing a bigger pool of career options

The application of computer animation is used for designing breathtakingly creative animation for a range of different fields. This particular skill has spectacular use in making animated movies, video games, websites and mobile phone applications. The increasing use of the technology employed in computer animation and graphics designing has led to an increase in the number of career options for anyone going to do a major in this subject. The beauty of it is that this field is very colorful and one can`t expect to be stuck at the same position doing the same work every day.

Career options in Entertainment industry

The biggest career pool for computer animation lies in the entertainment industry. Animated movies especially 3D animated movies have won the people`s heart and they just can`t get enough of them. Praise from the audience increases the demand of coming up with even more creative productions and this is where a graphic designer steps in. Amongst the wide range of career opportunities in this industry, following are the major options:

  • 3D animator
  • 2D animator
  • Art Directors
  • Visual effects
  • Storyboard artist

Computer animation scope beyond media

A computer animation designer is not restricted to the fields of media but this medium reaches out far beyond the entertainment world. The scope of computer animation has led to it being used in fields of science as well. Many courses have been developed to utilize the set of skills of a graphic designer for architectural designing and interior designing as well. If one pushes the limit than a computer animator can easily grip AUTOCAD and interior designing software as well.

Skills required for a computer animator

  • A leading computer animator must be proficient in using all the latest graphic designing and animation software. The most probable software would be Autodesk, Adobe, Photoshop, AutoCAD etc.
  • The creative side if his brain should be illuminating at all times. A good graphics designer is always pushing the limits and going beyond the horizon of his own imaginations.
  • An able designer should have a keen eye for details. The difference between colors, shades and minute details should be prominent and accurate in his work.
  • Consists of knowledge of both traditional and contemporary art and knows how to blend both in his work.

Pros and Cons of a career in computer animation

The prominent benefit of choosing a career in this field is obviously the skills required for the job are rare and not all possess the specific eye for detail. The major con of choosing this field is that you constantly have to come with something new every time. The extent of creativity and tolerance required for this job is considerably high. Animators are expected to create an impactful idea which increases the demand of the skill among spectators.

Author`s Bio:
The author of this guest post, Hilary Addison, is a web designer, web developer and video editor at Animated Video Production – HelloAnimations. She lives in USA and her plan is to make a career in computer animation and she is doing work hard to achieve her goals.

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