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Project Planning

Project manager is the one who creates the detailed project plan. A master project plan helps the employees to understand the segregation of project and its deliverables. Also helps to identify the requirements of man power, and other resources to accomplish the tasks.

Common mistakes to avoid here is:
1. Not having a guiding planner for the project.
2. Project plan could not convey the meaning to employees.
3. Not analyzing past project planning criteria’s like Project Duration, Resource, Clear Objectives, etc.

Project Organizing

The second main function in project management is the Project Organizing. Project Management Triangle focuses on four specific things cost, time, scope to bring quality to the project. Project manager will be organizing several things accordingly to directly benefit the project.

Common mistakes to avoid here is:
1. Not having clarity on overall complexity.
2. Not efficient in assigning tasks to respective teams.

Leading the project

Project manager will lead the team to find the risks and helps to mitigate them on time. By ensuring open communication between employees, project manager builds the belief in their minds to create quality. Project manager is the go to person for any issues occurring in the project. Expresses the freedom to approach the project manager to report any issues faced in the project.

Common mistakes to avoid here is:
1. Negligence towards risks and complexity in the project.
2. Not being assertive and reluctant to work on fixing the issues.


The final management principle is controlling, which paves the way to meet the objectives. Assist everyone to take necessary actions and to avoid deviations from the project plan.

Common mistakes to avoid here is:
1. Not keeping regular track on the project progress.
2. Not able to build belief among the employees towards creating value.

Project management professional are highly in demand in several industries, as they require quality managers who follow the four functions and implement them accordingly to directly benefit the project. Project manager in any industry is well paid due to their role, responsibility and leadership in accomplishing the project objectives on time.

To learn more about project management, one can attain PMP certification to get assured job placements in the industry. PMP, project management professional certification benefits the professional to grasp detail knowledge and understanding about the project manager roles and responsibilities.  

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