Secret to Writing the Most Compelling Personal Statements Revealed!

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Writing a Personal Statement for UCAS application form can be one of the most painstaking and exhausting tasks.

Strangely, while we claim to know ourselves inside-out, we often fall short of words when we are asked to write about ourselves. And this weakness of ours can be seen when we are given admission or personal essays, though some students just take essay writing help to get off the hook.

Regardless, what is it about describing ourselves that makes us all nervous and hesitant? The answer resides in this very interesting fact that we hardly do our ‘Critical Analysis’, unless forced during educational excercises, interview preparations and alike, which, by the way, we should be performing once in a while.

The Personal Statement for UCAS can carry up to 4000 characters and should be written in a personal style. The most simplest and striking Personal Statements are the ones that are written bearing the following pointers.

Start By Introducing Who You Are

Are you a Critical-thinker, a Problem-solver or a creative fellow? Do you like making long speeches, reading books in silence or socalizing with every next person? Is it the books that appeal you or the mountains and rivers or the music and drama?

Remember that everyone instinctively owns a unique set of characteristics that can amuse and amaze the members of Admissions Committee enormously.

Therefore, isolate yourself for sometime! Begin with identifying your distinctive traits and discover yourself, and soon you will fall in love with yourself and progress towards a journey of writing an exceptionally impressive Personal Statement.

How Did You Learn About This Course?

It makes sense why an Institute would want to know how you learnt about them. They want to determine their strongest communication platform, while also identifying the territory where you actively partcipate.

If the applicant has learnt about the course from Facebook or Twitter, Has scrutinized the Web page or Newspaper, this information itself tells a lot about the applicant. But don’t worry, be honest!

Share Your Aims

Once you have acquainted your audience with the most amazing personality, now move on and articulate your clear motives, your aims and your objectives. Provide lucid and well-detailed reasons for studying the respective course. Even while you elaborate, stay concise.

Share your Achievements

Not just your academic achievements, but the admission committee would also want to know your absolute achievements. You may want to share the excellent grades or the trophee you won in the football tournament or a flat race, for that matter. However, don’t ignore your real victories! Share with them if you have saved a life, fought a disease, or attained 50 % growth in the course you were previously pathetic at.

Link Yourself with The Course

Now, justify how you are making an appropriate choice and what you can get out of this course! Link your credentials and skills with the demands of that course. Again, do not beat about the bush! Present honest and crisp justifications to prove that you have genuinely thought-through this.

Prove You Are worth It

Go wild! You have reached the part of application which requires your utmost energy and evident traces of your passion and commitment! Submit authentic facts which clearly prove that you deserve to study the particular course!

Identify the Relevant Careers

You obviously don’t want to end up sitting blank when you get done with the course, so what is your plan? What are the potential careers that you can land to? Give a concise detail of your future career goals.

Share your Long-term Plan

The committee is concerned if you have the potential to become a winning product of the Institute, and you can assure them by sharing your long-term plan. Make it apparent in your application that you intend to stick around and start a career after completing the desired program.

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