Why USA Still Tops to Be One of the Most Preferred Study Abroad Destination for MS

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As often B. Tech is pursued – MS is slight rarity. Students, who are positively interested in this field of science and engineering, go ahead and pursue this course. When anyone looks at study abroad destinations – The United States of America proves to be one of the best amongst the lot.

USA gives you a variety of reasons to study here – some of them are

World Class Education

Over the years, America is still one of the most preferred study abroad destination in the world. One of the main reasons for this is the quality of the education that it offers. Students who pass out from reputed American institutes carry a brand stamp for the rest of their lives. Their credentials are admired and recognized throughout the world; and companies aim to hire candidates from these institutes.

There are over 2000 universities, colleges and institutes in USA. These institutions are spread through the length and breadth of this city. They provide a variety of courses ranging from professional degrees like MBA, engineering etc. to creative arts like film making, photography, graphic design etc. Some of the top universities in the world are Harvard, MIT, and Caltech etc.


As an international student who isn’t from a western country, you would find America as a welcoming change. Americans are more accepting and engaging with people from different cultures. The exposure that you receive while you study here, gives you the opportunity to learn and adapt to any given situation for the rest of your life.

Research Opportunities

American universities offer the best of facilities to their students. If you decide to pursue MS in USA – you are bound to get the best possible research exposure. From world class labs, libraries to the best faculty to guide you.  


America is home to people from all over the world. They have a liberal stand where issues like religion and culture is concerned. They accept people as they are, and they make sure that they have a stand in the society. Studying here gives you an opportunity to be a part of the world as a whole. You get to learn and adapt to different cultures and start appreciating them.

Jobs and Salaries in US

  • On an Average after graduation a fresher, who has passed out from a US university gets approximately 50 – 100k salary
  • Having an MS degree, is bound to get a higher preference in US companies. Though employment of international students isn’t common – as a research student you still get to live the big American dream.
  • If you compare salary packages, no doubt US has a higher pay scale than other countries.

Why is US the most preferred destination for Masters in Science

  • USA has almost 63 universities in the world’s top 100. Out of which almost 17 are in the top 20.
  • USA stands to be the number one in education and work.
  • American universities are one of the best in master’s and PhD level programs
  • The U.S. is one of the world’s most ethnically and socially diverse nations.

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