14 Common Misconceptions about English Editing Services

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01. Needing an English Editor is a Sign of Failure

Language and writing are hard! There is no such thing as a perfect draft, especially one that has only been seen by the writers. Engaging an English editing service is merely a sign that you are committed to making your work as good as it can be.

02. You Can Edit Your Own Writing

Writers almost never spot their own typos and mistakes, and especially fail to spot their own language errors. A fresh pair of eyes from an English editing service will be able to find them all.

03. English Editing Only Focusses on Grammar

The first focus of an English editing service is on English grammar and usage, but there are lots of types of English editing that will look at lots of different areas, from punctuation to a full structural edit.

04. My Colleague/Friend Can Edit My Work

English editing is a profession, and requires specialist skills and experience to do well. While an untrained friend can read your work, only a professional English editor will be able to do a full, professional job.

05. All Editors Are the Same

There are lots of editors, and all have experience in different areas. Some work on fiction, some on books, and some on academic writing. A good English editing service employs native English speakers who are experts in an academic area and in editing academic writing, written by non-native speakers.

06. Editing is Too Expensive

While engaging an English editing service can feel like an unnecessary expense, English editing can mean the difference between publication acceptance and rejection, and that should be worth paying for.

07. Editing Takes Too Long to Be Worth It

Good, professional English editing is not a quick process. Editors will examine every word and every sentence to make sure it is the best it can be and this takes time. However, the best English editing services will work with you to meet your deadlines.

08. An English Editor will Rewrite my Work

The role of an English editing service is not to rewrite your work, but to polish your words. Sometimes this will mean rearranging a sentence or two, but they will not change your words needlessly.

09. A Computer Can Check My Spelling and Grammar

Computers can check your spelling, but there’s a lot they will miss. They cannot check your usage, or how formal your writing is. A computer will miss typos that create other correctly spelt words. Only an English editing service can do this.

10.English Editing is just Proofreading

Proofreading spelling and references is just one element of an English editing service. They can also substantively edit the structure and logic of your work, and make sure that your usage and wording are perfect.

11. Editing is Easy

Editing is not something that can be done by anyone. Every edit made by an English editing service is made to make your specific piece of writing clearer and better, based on years of experience and expertise.

12. Editors are Failed Writers

English editors are skilled professionals. English editors are dedicated to improving other’s writing and have the experience and expertise to do so.

13. Native English Speakers Don’t Need an English Editing Service

Native English speakers are as likely to make grammatical mistakes as non-native speakers: they just make different ones! English editing services support all writers to ensure that their work is publication ready.

14. An English Editing Service Can’t Help Me Get Published

The most common reason for article rejection before peer review is poor writing! Bad writing might be the only thing standing between you and publication success, and an English editing service can work with you to fix that.

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