5 Careers You Can Launch With an Online Degree

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Studying online can suit younger students who appreciate the flexibility of being able to fit their studies around work commitments — or mature learners looking to upskill and switch sectors while fulfilling family responsibilities.

But any degree involves commitment in terms of time and money.

And in a competitive marketplace you want to be sure that your sacrifices convert to a solid career path.
So here are five careers you could launch with an online degree.

Digital Marketing

A recent report proved that only 38 per cent of marketers in the UK, US and Ireland had competent digital skills.
And in the UK alone this skills gap is costing the economy £63 billion per annum.

So if you’re looking to switch to a fast-moving career in this sector, online degree courses that top-up your digital capabilities could be worthwhile.


If you’ve got a great idea for a start-up and dream of being your own boss, then sharpening up your business skills is definitely the order of the day.

Some aspects of entrepreneurship are forged in the fires of experience.

But an MBA gives you a firm foundation for a range of skills such as managing people, finance, marketing, leadership and sustainability.

For entrepreneurs like Matt Bulloch, the initial financial outlay of an MBA is outweighed by the benefits it brings in terms of boosting business smarts.

Third Sector

Working for a charity or social enterprise can be a fulfilling and rewarding career.

An online qualification in charity and social enterprise management could help you garner the specific skillset needed to raise awareness and funds for exciting and worthwhile projects.

And this type of training could launch a career that benefits your local community or takes you around the world.


Modern sports coaching mixes elements of nutrition, sports-specific training and psychology.

So if the idea of working with the next world champion in your favourite pastime sounds superb, an online sports performance coaching degree could be just the ticket.

You could secure a job working with someone like Vasyl Lomachenko — the Ukrainian boxer whose training regime includes brain-puzzles as well as hardcore physical drills.

If you’re already a sportsperson the knowledge you’ve gained will be a huge benefit, but a lack of elite level credentials needn’t stop you becoming an excellent coach.


Working in medicine is another vocation that’s certainly worthwhile.

And you don’t need to be a doctor or nurse to carve out a career in health — managing a hospital or medical centre requires a great business brain, the ability to balance tight budgets and to skills to motivate staff under pressure.

An online healthcare management degree could help you migrate to a career in medicine and offer the flexibility of keeping your current job before making the switch.

Studying online can definitely take the sting out of a career change — get ready to really make a difference with any one of these five fantastic career choices.

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