7 Tips to Help Avoid Getting Sick

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avoid getting sick

The fall and winter seasons commonly show an increase of people obtaining bacterial and viral infections. While we all inevitably get sick, some people—like students—can’t afford to. If you need to stay as healthy as possible this season, we provide a few tips to help avoid getting sick.

Wash Your Hands

The best thing you can do in any situation to avoid getting sick is to wash your hands regularly. You should do this every time you finish going to the bathroom, as well as before and after you eat. Don’t be afraid to wash your hands if you feel like you haven’t done so in a while—just don’t wash them too much. Doing so may cause your skin to dry out, crack, and invite sickness. You also shouldn’t rely on hand sanitizer, unless you have no other option, as it isn’t as effective as soap and water.

Keep Tissues Nearby

Another tip to help avoid getting sick at school is to keep tissues nearby. This will help you when you need to sneeze, or if you just need to blow your nose. You want to use tissues because you should avoid touching your face no matter how much you wash your hands. Have tissues handy, so you can use them whenever necessary.

Wear Clean Clothes

You should also try to wash your clothes as much as possible. Like your hands, you have no idea what got on your clothes throughout the day and if you encountered germs. If you don’t already have a laundry routine, find a good time to wash your clothes so that you can get rid of potential germs.

Disinfect Surfaces

In addition to washing your clothes, you should also disinfect commonly used surfaces with wipes. We recommend you wipe down surfaces like door handles, toilets, and sinks. It’s also a good idea to wipe down the desk you sit at, your phone, and your laptop. You don’t have to do this every single day, but you should do so at least once a week.

Take Vitamins

Vitamin consumption can help combat sickness in some individuals. Vitamin C, vitamin D, Echinacea, garlic, and zinc can all positively impact one’s daily life. Try to take them after a meal so that they work properly.

Get Some Sleep and Relax

You don’t want to stay up all night overworking yourself, as doing so can lead to sickness. A good seven to eight hours of sleep can help cure just about anything. If you’re not feeling well, make sure you get to bed early; the extra sleep can make a big difference. Also, try to set some relaxation time aside every day to help your body recuperate.

Adopt A Healthy Style

Adopting a healthy lifestyle is one of the best things you can do to keep sickness at bay. This can mean several things to many people, but it’s always important to get regular exercise, eat healthy foods, and drink plenty of water.

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