How to Stay Focused During Finals

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No matter what your major is, finals week is stressful. Tension, stress, and anxiety are all over campus. Papers, projects, presentations, and exams sap this week of any fun and excitement. For those going through this, knowing how to stay focused during finals will end your semester with success.

Eat the Right Foods

Chips, soda, candy, energy drinks, or fast food may seem like good food ideas for finals. They’re fast, convenient, and tasty. However, these foods will ruin your studying and testing skills. Blood sugar raises and gives you a short energy boost, but your brain still isn’t getting the proper nutrients it needs.

There’s a reason nutritionists and doctors call healthy foods “brain food.” It’s because these foods help short-term and long-term memory, concentration, and brain health. Make sure to eat a well-balanced diet of fish, berries, nuts, vegetables, whole grains, and even some dark chocolate for these benefits.

The vitamins and nutrients in these foods give your brain the energy it needs to strengthen brain structures. Also, it’s important you remember to eat and not skip meals. While stress and anxiousness may distract your hunger, you will study and perform better after consuming the proper nutrients.

Getting Enough Sleep is Essential

Just like it’s important to keep a balanced diet, maintaining a regular sleep pattern is crucial for final exam success. All-nighters and caffeine sound promising, but these are unhealthy choices. College students should try to get seven to nine hours of sleep each night for healthy brain activity.

Maintaining a healthy sleep schedule improves your immune system, reduces stress, improves your mood, and maintains body weight. On top of that, consistent sleep helps your retain knowledge—an essential for finals week.

Plan Your Study Schedule, Techniques, & Tools

When it comes to the actual studying, you should make a schedule. Set realistic academic goals to work on. Keep in mind which days each final is on, how intense each exam may or may not be, and the number of exams per day and plan your studying accordingly. Make sure to incorporate some studying techniques and tools to make your studying more efficient.

Some ways you can do that are with relaxing music, a ban on any electronics for leisure, and going to the library. You can also order various healing crystals to boost concentration and focus. Healing crystals are a wonderful tool that can bring your work ethic to the next level. Planning out your studying techniques and tools means you won’t cram, which will help you do well on testing.

Take a Study Break

You should also remember that you’re still human. Finals are important for doing well in school, but you should also find time for leisurely activities. If you can find an appropriate balance between studying and relaxing, then you’ll be in the clear. Taking breaks will renew your energy and spirit, but don’t lose focus from your studies. Some general break ideas are going to the gym, seeing a movie, spending time with friends, or having a nice dinner. These activities help you refocus and get ready for your test days.

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