5 Ways to Be Successful in School as a Student-Athlete

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High school and college sports culture is different around the world. America is a country where sports plays a large role in the school system because it can greatly benefit a student. It can be all too easy, however, to let your grades fall to the wayside if you’re busy with your sport. For guidance, here are five ways to be successful in school as a student-athlete.

Communicate with Professors

When you are a student-athlete, this means there is a good chance that there will be instances when you must miss class for a game or event. Absence policies may be strict, however, not to mention that you will miss the lesson for that day. Be sure to communicate with your professor that you are a student-athlete and that you may miss class occasionally. Go through your schedule and find out the days you will have to miss class and give the professor these dates right away. Getting on top of this at the start of the semester can build a good relationship with your professors and potentially save your grade.

Plan Ahead

In addition to letting professors know when you might have to miss class, it is also important to plan when you will have time to study or complete homework. The best way to do this is to have a calendar with all the team- and school-related events. With a calendar, you will be able to plan on when you will have the time to complete school assignments or study for a test.

Do Homework on Team Trips

Because your schedule may be packed, especially during the season, a perfect time to do homework is during team trips. When you know that your team has to travel by bus or plane for a few hours, take advantage of this time and get some schoolwork done. If you are worried about distractions, bring headphones or reserve group projects for times like these.

Set Goals

As a student-athlete, one of the major benefits is learning how to juggle multiple things in life. This is a skill that will help greatly after graduation. However, one way that you can get through what may be stressful times is to set goals. These goals can be anything, from completing an assignment before a big game to helping your team up their overall GPA. Remaining motivated is an effective way to be successful in school as a student-athlete.

Put School Before Sports

At the end of it all, school should still be your priority over sports. While sports may be an opportunity for you to move onto the next level, if you aren’t doing well in class, there is a chance you may not play at all. Becoming a well-rounded person is what being a student-athlete is all about. So, if you find yourself in a situation where you may need to miss practice to work on a group project, or you need a tutor to help with a class, do it. Establishing a good work ethic in the classroom can translate on the field and help you in the long run.

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