5 Money-Saving Tips for College Students

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College is so expensive. There are tuition costs and room and board expenses; it’s overwhelming. However, there are simple things you can do so you don’t go broke at the end of the semester. Follow these money-saving tips for college students, so you have one less thing to worry about. After all, you should be concerned with your grades, not how much cash you have.

Wash your own car

Professional car washes are such a money-waster. A helpful money-saving tip for college students is to wash your own car. Don’t spend cash you don’t have just so someone else can clean your vehicle. Instead, roll up your sleeves and wash your car on your own. The best part is, if you wash your own car, you can detail it to your liking. You won’t have to worry about a random worker moving things or doing anything you don’t like. Washing your vehicle by yourself is also better for the environment, because professional car washes use so much water.

Take your student ID everywhere

One perk of being in college is excellent discounts. Take your student ID card with you everywhere around campus—you won’t believe how much you save at local restaurants and stores. Take advantage of the situation while you can. Keep track of your monthly spending, as well. That way, you can see for yourself how much cash the discounts save you every month. Reiterate that you’re a college student wherever you go; with your student ID on hand, you’ll save so much money.

Utilize your meal plan

Everyone’s tempted to go out to eat, including college students. You want to spend time with your friends and check out all the exciting restaurants around your school. However, a great money-saving tip for college students is to utilize your meal plan as much as possible. Your meal plan is already included in tuition costs, so by buying other food, you’re essentially throwing money out the window. Be smart and eat what is offered to you. Only save trips to restaurants for special occasions.

Shop generic

There’s no reason you should buy things based on the brand alone. Most of the time, the generic options are very similar to the brand-name products. Shop generic the next time you’re at the grocery store. You’ll save so much money when you ignore the labels. You’ll also quickly realize there are no real differences in the products.

Open a savings account

Many college-aged people don’t have a savings account. Be wise and open one the minute you start college. The more cash you save in college, the more you’ll have when you graduate. Put a little bit of cash away every month; the amount doesn’t have to be anything crazy. Just a few extra dollars will go a long way and help you once you graduate. A lot of college grads don’t get a job right away, so you’ll be happy you put some extra cash aside while you’re waiting to get a job offer.

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