10 Tips for Commuting College Students to Be Successful

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Regardless of if you commute via train, bus, or drive, these tips for commuting college students to be successful will all apply. Some may slightly depend on where you’re located, but the general idea will relate to you.

Allow Extra Time

Leave yourself more time than you think you need. There are plenty of times that traffic is heavier than usual, the train or bus gets delayed, or accidents cause a backup. Unfortunately, your professor probably won’t care if you miss an exam because of something out of your control.

Dress Accordingly

Whether or not you’re in a Chicago winter or a mild day in California, you need to dress accordingly. The worst time to be a commuter is in the winter. Some of the most important pieces for winter commuters include waterproof shoes or boots and a solid jacket. There’s nothing worse than getting stuck in a snow or rain storm and you have to show up to class soaking wet and cold.

Pack Accordingly

In addition to dressing for the conditions, you should also pack accordingly. Sometimes a train will get delayed and you’re stuck for a while, so you should always have a water bottle and snack in your bag. A few additional items other than your typical school supplies include:

  • Hand sanitizer
  • Flash drive
  • Portable charger
  • Extra USB cable

Join Clubs and Build Community

One thing commuters often lack is community, so get involved! Talk with your student life department, find some clubs, and make some friends. Once you develop a good group of friends, you can grab lunch together or go to campus events with them. In addition, you’ll also have a backup plan just in case you need to spend the night for whatever reason.

Keep an Eye on Your Student Email

There’s absolutely nothing worse than getting all the way to campus—however long your commute—just to find that the professor cancelled class. If class is ever cancelled, your professor will likely email your student email, not your personal email. You should keep that account on your phone, just in case something were to come up.

Take Advantage of the Commute, Especially If It’s via Train or Bus

If you take the train or the bus to commute, you have plenty of ways to make the most of the commute time. You can use that time for whatever you want or need. Maybe you didn’t get to sleep because you were studying for an exam. Take the time to catch up on some sleep or take the time to study or work on homework. You can also listen to an audio version of your textbook or a podcast your professor recommended. You can learn something new or get inspired, as we can all use it from time to time.

The best tip for commuting college students to be successful is to plan and make the most of the time you have. You’ll have rough days, but you’ll also have days that you enjoy the commute.

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