4 Benefits of Ridesharing Services

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With the rise of social media and smartphone apps has come a new form of public transportation: ridesharing. Over the past few years, ridesharing has grown in popularity to the point that it’s a go-to for many people across the country. What made it so successful? Travelers are choosing ridesharing apps such as Uber or Lyft over taxis, buses, or other public transportation for many reasons. From energy-efficiency to accessibility, here are just some of the benefits of ridesharing services.


One of the most important benefits of ridesharing services is the impact it has on the environment. Vehicles are one of the main sources of air pollution, as greenhouse gas emissions from cars contribute to higher global temperatures and other harmful effects of climate change. While using public transportation—including buses, trains, and other transit options—is the best way to combat this, not everyone has access to these options. Rideshare services can serve as a form of public transportation in smaller cities, and when people take advantage of carpooling options such as UberPool or Lyft Shared, harmful emissions may decrease and less fuel—a nonrenewable resource—may be burned. Some people have even noticed that using rideshare services regularly is cheaper than owning their own vehicles and have foregone buying a personal vehicle altogether. While this isn’t the norm, it could certainly be a growing trend as apps such as Uber and Lyft continue to gain popularity.


Services such as Uber and Lyft are often far cheaper than taking a taxi, especially if you’re riding with more than one person. Ridesharing also provides an opportunity for those who don’t or can’t drive. If you live on campus, having your own car can be difficult: many schools don’t allow students to bring their cars with them their freshman year. Even if you’re allowed to have a car with you, expenses such as gas and parking can add up quickly. Ridesharing is an alternative that makes getting around more affordable. Many ridesharing apps also have promotional codes and discounts, making it even easier to save money when you travel.


Traffic accidents are a major concern worldwide, but ridesharing services make the road safer in many ways. Many travelers use ridesharing when they’re in unfamiliar places, which means less uncomfortable or inexperienced drivers on the road. Ridesharing is also useful in situations when you’ve been out drinking or when you’re tired or distracted. For example, if you and your friends are having a night out but have no designated driver, requesting a ridesharing service keeps all of you out of the driver’s seat. The consequences of driving under the influence can be disastrous, but ridesharing services help people make safe and smart decisions.


In addition to being affordable, ridesharing services are also more convenient than many other forms of transportation. Unlike trains or buses, you can request a ride through Uber and Lyft on your own schedule. Drivers are usually available within minutes, and they pick you up wherever you are. Because they operate through mobile apps, rideshare services are also easy to navigate and handle. You don’t have to handle tickets, wait in line, or call a dispatch. Ridesharing benefits everyone. Even if you don’t use these services, the reduced traffic and fewer people parking cars at their destinations makes it easier to get around yourself.

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