Tips for Living on Your Own for The First Time

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College students have to face many obstacles throughout their four-year journey. Living on your own for the first time typically occurs in college for most people, and it”s one of those obstacles. This can feel intimidating for many college students due to the increased responsibilities that being your own presents. To survive, we offer some helpful tips for living on your own for the first time.

Have a Budget

First and foremost, you need to establish some kind of budget when you live on your own. You need to worry about many expenses when you live on your own that you might not be used to such as internet, cable, laundry, and more. All these go on top of rent and groceries. Creating a budget early on and not living beyond your means will keep you on top of your expenses, so you don”t run out of money.

Keep it Clean

The second tip for living on your own for the first time is to keep it clean. Many young people who live on their own for the first time don”t realize how much goes into keeping a home clean because their parents took care of it. Now that you are own your own, it”s now your responsibility to keep your place clean. To keep your home clean, you will need to vacuum, dust, wipe down counters, do the dishes, taking out the trash, and more. Not keeping your new home clean can result in you suffering from allergies, mold, and rodents, which can cause a lot more damage than you would think. 

Meet Your Neighbors

When you live on your own for the first time, meeting your neighbors can be intimidating for several reasons. Meeting and getting to know your neighbors, however, can prove extremely helpful down the line. You don”t have to become best friends with them, but it”s good to familiarize yourself with others and go outside of your comfort zone.

Make it Your Own

The great advantage of living on your own is that you can make your home your own. This means you have the freedom to design the room to your liking. Look online for inspiration and find a layout that aligns with your personality the best.

Take Advantage of Used Furniture and Items

Most college students don”t usually have a huge budget to work with. To live within your means, take advantage of used furniture and items. Ask people you know if they have household items they could give to you. Most people usually throw away a couch when they finish using it anyway. It”s also not a bad idea to make a trip to Goodwill, especially for kitchen items.

Become Handier

Just like we mentioned earlier, living on your own means that you will have a lot more responsibilities. This includes taking care of issues around the house that may require repair. These issues are the perfect opportunity to become handier and learn how to fix things on your own. There are plenty of videos on the Internet that can guide your repair. Becoming handier around a home can also save you thousands of dollars.

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