Important College Preparation Tips for High School Seniors

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The school year isn’t quite over yet, but high school seniors know full well they don’t have time to waste. Busy finishing up their last few classes of their general education, they not only have to worry about passing with flying colors, but also have enough spare energy to prepare for college. As exciting of a time this is for them, it can also be just as stressful, leaving them overwhelmed at what to do next. If you’re a senior getting ready for the next big step in your life, use these college preparation tips for high school seniors to make the most of the few months you have left in the school year.

Make Your Final Decision

Every high school counselor would agree that seniors should spend their final years of high school narrowing down their college options and finalizing their decisions. This process requires you to think in depth about what type of education you want to pursue as well as what characteristics you want in your school of choice. Once you have your short list of schools that fit the description, start visiting them to see for yourself whether they could be right for you—and then make your final decision.

Talk to a Counselor and Plan

Your school counselors are there to do more than help you pick your classes. In fact, their mission is to supply you with the information you need to further your educational career. These professionals can direct you through every step of the application process, from narrowing down your career interests to making sure you’re on track to graduate. Better yet, they can also look over the applications you’ve already completed and provide constructive feedback.

Start the Initial Packing Process

Move-in day is still months away, but every prospective college student should be equipped to take care of themselves once they’re living on their own in the dorms. This involves taking the time to think about everything you’re going to need and when you need to gather these supplies. Items such as laundry detergent, hand towels, and silverware may be the furthest things from your mind right now, but you’ll definitely regret leaving them off your packing list when the big day arrives. Start packing some necessities now—you’ll thank yourself in a few months when moving day arrives.

Get Used to the Idea of Having a Roommate

High school students are so focused on getting into college that they hardly plan for what to do when they get there. For many young adults setting out on their own for the first time, making the adjustment from living with their parents to living with a stranger can be difficult. As such, it’s key that you start getting yourself used to the idea of living with a roommate early on and brainstorming how to handle different types of college roommates. You may not get a roomie you’ll love on the first try, so it’s important that you think about the process of living with another person in order to minimize your stress during the adjustment period.

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