The 4 Best National Parks to Visit on Your Next Trip

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As COVID-19 cancels flights and shuts down a lot of the country, many students have had to cancel their spring break plans. As disappointing as this is, there will always be more vacations to look forward to.

If you’ve had to postpone your spring travel plans, you can still make up for it by planning the perfect future vacation to some of the nation’s most beautiful parks. With gorgeous landscapes, hiking trails, and plenty of other outdoor activities, you’ll never get bored—especially if you make it an RV trip.

Once it’s safe to travel again, make sure you include some of these best national parks to visit on your next trip.

Yosemite National Park – California

The stunning landscapes of Yosemite National Park lure in travelers throughout the entire year. The glorious waterfalls create awe-inspiring sights, and you can also take in views of some of the iconic cliffs, such as El Capitan or the Half Dome.

If you’re able to travel again by late April or early May, the valley erupts in dogwood blossoms during this time, creating a colorful view as breathtaking as the falls. If you’re lucky, you might even visit Mirror Lake and catch a rare glimpse of the Half Dome’s reflection in the water—a sight that isn’t available during the park’s drier periods.

Zion National Park – Utah

Utah’s first national park is full of history and adventure. You can wander through 2,000-foot high sandstone cliffs that gleam in different shades of pink, cream, and red. As you do so, see the park burst with hundreds of species of mammal, bird, and plant life. While you explore the park, check out the stunning waterfalls that shaped the iconic Zion Canyon.

You’ll also get to explore the cultural history of the park and check out the archaeological evidence left behind by various ancient cultures. Zion National Park cranks up the heat in the summertime, but that just provides the perfect opportunity to head to the higher elevations along the scenic Kolob Terrace.

Saguaro National Park – Arizona

Home to a massive saguaro cactus forest in a stunning desert landscape, Saguaro National Park is a picturesque representation of America’s West. The park offers plenty to explore, including historical sites and prehistoric petroglyphs. Be sure to keep an eye out for desert wildlife, such as javelinas, coyotes, and desert tortoises.

You can also hike further up the valley, where Mexican spotted owls, deer, and black bears enjoy the park’s upper elevations. From the iconic cacti of the desert to the colorful blooms that erupt in the spring, Saguaro National Park is one of the best national parks to visit on your next trip.

Rocky Mountain National Park – Colorado

If you must still postpone your spring and summer travels, you can cling to adrenaline-filled winter fun in the Rocky Mountains. Of course, you can still get your fill of blooming wildflowers and abundant wildlife throughout the mountain meadows or venture further up the mountains to experience snowfall throughout much of the year.

If you’re feeling adventurous, try your hand at skiing, sledding, or another one of Colorado’s must-try winter activities. You’re also likely to run into any number of Rocky Mountain wildlife, including bighorn sheep, mountain goats, elk, and black bears.

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