7 Tips for Moving Out of Your Dorm Room

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moving out of dorm

Many students across the country are making a sudden move back home in the middle of the semester due to the coronavirus. If you are new to the moving out cycle, we have some advice that will be useful today and for years to come. Here are some tips for moving out of your dorm room.

1. Send Stuff Home

Before your departure date arrives, get ahead of it all by sending stuff home periodically throughout the semester. Since today’s events require more urgency, figure out what might not fit inside your car, and ship it home, particularly if you live far away from your college. Shipping items through the mail can leave you with more room to transport your more important or fragile belongings with you.

2. Make Any Car Repairs

If you are making the trek home via your car, make sure it’s safe enough for travel. Keep up with common car maintenance. Such as getting oil changes, checking tire pressure, and keeping it clean. If you do run into an issue where you need new tires, make sure you visit a local tire shop so you can travel home safely.

3. Protect Electronics

Some of our most prized and expensive items tend to be electronics. If you are moving a large TV or a computer back home, make sure it’s well protected. This is where you can utilize all the bedding you have. Instead of folding and stuffing it into a box, wrap it around a TV or any other electronics you may have so those items remain safe.

4. Utilize Drawers and Bags

Some other items you should utilize are any drawers or bags. Fill them up with any loose goods you may have instead of taking up extra space with a box or container. When transporting drawers, make sure you tape them securely shut, too. For clothes, use your laundry bag or hamper for storage.

5. Keep Boxes and Containers

To remain as organized as possible, another thing you should do throughout the year is to gather some boxes and containers that you might find useful for your eventual move. If you don’t need them, someone else at your school probably will, but having them handy can make your move much easier on yourself.

6. Put Your Clothes on The Top

The trickiest part of moving is your clothes. One method that works well is taking clothes that are on hangers and simply placing them on the top once all your bulky items are in your car. If it’s raining outside on your moving day, use garbage bags to cover them up.

7. Make Sure You Have Everything

Before you take off, our final tip for moving out of your dorm room is to make sure you have everything. A dorm room may be a small space, but it can be easy to forget things under your bed or in a wardrobe. One final sweep will ensure that you won’t have to come back until the next semester begins.

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