Best Side-Hustles To Start as a College Student

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College is almost synonymous with ramen for dinner. Still, as much as our college years are associated with being flat broke, college is also the time for innovation and new ideas. By applying our ideas to some clever side-hustles, you can use that innovation to solve the perpetual plight of so much to buy and so little money to spend. Here are some of the best side-hustles to start for college students.


Education is in a weird place across the board. Some people take to online learning like a fish to water. Others feel alienated or struggle to adapt to e-learning. These students would really benefit from a tutor, especially a down-to-earth, college-age tutor who can relate to the switch to online schooling. There are numerous websites where you can tote your tutoring services, or you can contact local high schools to see if there is a need there.


This one is a no-brainer if you love animals. Pet-sitting involves visiting people’s houses to help take care of their animals while they’re away. Usually, it’s a job you find by word of mouth, but there are apps like Rover that can help you find clients. As long as you’re comfortable walking, cleaning up after, and feeding animals, it isn’t difficult. Not only that, but there’s plenty of downtime in a job like pet-sitting, so you can get your classwork done while you’re at it.

Uber and Lyft

This is one of the more popular side-hustles around, and for good reason. Even though people are traveling a lot less now, they still need to get where they need to go, and you can provide that service so long as you have a car. Even if you don’t have a vehicle of your own, there are actually options for acquiring a car to drive for rideshares. And if you find that having strangers in your car makes your skin crawl, you can always do UberEats. Then your only passengers will be a Big Mac and fries.

Grocery Delivery

This is the best side-hustle to start if you like shopping. You literally get paid to go out and buy people’s groceries and deliver them. This is perfect right now since a lot of people are still hesitant to venture out more than they have to. Like pet-sitting (and a lot of other side-hustles of the 21st century) you can sign up to do this through an app like Instacart or Shipt.

Provide Stock Photographs

Have you ever gone through a Google image search and thought to yourself, “Where do these oddly specific posed photos even come from?” Surprise! They can come from you, if you’ve got a half-decent camera and no qualms about your image potentially being circulated on the internet. You can either create your own website to sell your stock photos from, or you can sell them to another source like Adobestock or Shutterstock.

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