Why Extracurricular Activities Are Important To Students

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There’s a seemingly endless assortment of extracurricular activities available to high school and college students. From an outside perspective, they might seem like nothing more than a fun and relaxing way to relieve stress after a grueling several-hour day of classes. 

There’s far more to after-school activities than meets the eye, however. Here are some of the reasons why extracurricular activities are important to students.

Teaches Valuable Skills

Extracurricular programs, like sports, can help you develop traits and good habits that are conducive to school and work environments. They’re also an understated resource when it comes to learning and refining professional skillsets. Technology clubs instruct you on different types of coding, an invaluable skill in today’s market.

Graphic design clubs teach aspiring artists the ins and outs of Photoshop, a program commonly used in professional work settings. Meanwhile, clubs that focus on woodworking or robot building instruct their students on how to safely and efficiently operate large, factory-grade equipment and other technical machinery.

Widens Social Circle

Participating in extracurriculars is a fantastic way to make friends. People who are in the same club undoubtedly share similar interests, which gives you a common ground and makes starting casual discussions easier.

Forming friendships and acquaintanceships through after-school activities are also ways of networking, which can be crucial when it comes to getting into a good college or finding a job.

Helps You Explore Your Interests

Extracurricular activities provide an opportunity for curious students to explore their interests, whether new or old. Knowledgeable advisors and passionate students will help you learn the ropes of your interests, often in a supportive, stress-free environment.

This makes extracurricular activities a vital source of knowledge. They allow you to figure out what you like and the things you’re not particularly fond of. This can give you crucial insight into the types of majors or future careers you might want to pursue.

Looks Good on College Applications and Resumes

If you want to enhance your college applications or resumes, extracurricular activities are a great thing to add. Colleges and universities examine your history with after-school activities to determine if you’ve gone above and beyond, possess a strong work ethic, and will thrive in an advanced educational setting.

If you’re interested in attending a graphic design-focused college, an abundance of art-related extracurriculars can help give you a boost. Potential journalism and photography majors will benefit from a role in the Yearbook Committee, while prospective athletes are required to take years of their preferred sport.

Even activities unrelated to your future job and major have their benefits. They show that you’re a well-rounded individual with a wide range of interests and special skills.

Most high school and college graduates will graduate with little in the way of genuine work experience. Extracurricular activities are important to students because they help students pad out their resume. After-school activities make the process of writing your resume simpler and show potential employers that you’re skilled and willing to work.

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