Four Weird Things That Can Help Your Skin

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The high school and college years can be murder on our skin. Between the acne, hormones, increased stress, and not-always- healthy cafeteria choices, some of us can get a little desperate when it comes to skin relief. And since high school and college are the years of experimentation, why not try something new for our struggle toward a glowing complexion? Here are some weird things that just might help your skin.

Bee Products

When we think about bees and our skin, the first thing that comes to mind is often a big red welt from when you swatted at a bee you didn’t know was there. But bees have a lot more to offer than their stingers, and almost every one of them can help your skin. For instance, if you get some local, ethically sourced honey and combine it with some water, it can do wonders for acne, blemishes, and wrinkles. That’s because honey has both antibiotic effects and helps promote collagen production. Beeswax can also soften and moisturize your skin without clogging your pores. Even bee pollen is nutrient-rich and can help revitalize your skin.


When some people think of CBD, they think of a tincture or a gummy, but one of the more popular method of consumption is CBD topicals. Topicals are basically balms or lotions that contain CBD distillate and are applied to the skin rather than ingested. Though CBD research is still ongoing, there are numerous CBD topical products out there that are extremely popular for helping to treat acne and skin conditions like eczema.


Before you exit out of this page in disgust, hear me out. Mayonnaise is just whipped eggs, oil, and a little vinegar or lemon juice, all of which can be super beneficial for your skin. Eggs are rich in a protein called lutein, which helps to hydrate skin and repair tissue.  Oils also help with moisturization and protect skin against toxins. Vinegar can help exfoliate skin and reduce wrinkles, and lemon juice can potentially help fight acne. In other words, pass the Miracle Whip, please. 

Dark Chocolate 

Of all the weird things that can help your skin, this is by far our favorite. One, because it doesn’t involve slathering mayonnaise on our skin. Two, because it involves eating chocolate. Dark chocolate—unlike it’s sugary, less cocoa-y cousin milk chocolate—is filled with minerals that have a whole host of potential benefits for your skin.

Dark chocolate can help protect from inflammation and sun damage, as well as help to promote skin moisturization. On top of that, eating chocolate has been linked to reducing stress, which is also bad for your skin.  Stay glowing, eat chocolate.

The high school and college years can be fraught with challenges, but that doesn’t mean your skin has to be one of them. With a littleingenuity, your complexion will glow. And, even if it doesn’t, at least you had fun trying.

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