Bicycle Improvements That Will Increase Your Performance

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Your bike comes in handy in every situation. Regardless if you use it to go to work, class, or if you use it for workouts and racing, your bike is essential to your daily life. So, consider tuning it up with bicycle improvements that will increase your performance.

Upgrade Your Gears

Your gears are critical to adjusting your bicycle’s power across various terrain. Whether you’re pedaling steeply uphill or cruising down a straightaway, your gears gauge how much force you use to move the bike. However, the most important part of upgrading is to know your riding style. Do you prefer to exert more force and treat your bicycling as a workout? Or is it your transportation to class or work and you prefer not to arrive overly sweaty? Understand your needs before taking your bike to the shop.

Invest in Specific Wheels

Most bikes come with a default set of wheels. However, these don’t always fit your specific needs as a cyclist. If you prefer riding on roadways, you’ll need vastly different tires than someone who rides their bike down mountain trails. Terrain-specific wheels allow you to explore the limits of your performance. In fact, the right wheels can reduce ground resistance and help your inertia last longer. If you’re moving regions for college and are unfamiliar with the new territory, get a feel for it once you arrive, then consider what wheels you’ll need.

Professional Bike Fitting

A professional bike fitting can adjust your bicycle to the specific shape of your body and style of riding. This can dramatically increase comfort and performance since you don’t always feel like you’re fighting your bike. With the proper structural alignment, you can maximize every spin of the wheel. Your legs, torso, and arms all are specific lengths and operate at maximum performance in precise ranges. With the right distances between the pedals, handlebars, and saddle, you can improve both your performance and your output.

Comfortable Handlebars

Depending on the style of bike riding you do, you may want to find a new set of handlebars. Whether you want more grip for your hands, or you need angled bars to lean against, comfortable handlebars can make a massive difference in your performance. Research which handlebars fit your needs best and install them for a smoother ride. Gripping your handlebars can exhaust your hand muscles, especially when your palms are sweaty. So, invest in handlebar gels to increase your hand comfort over long distances. There are plenty of customizations out there to ensure your handlebars remain easy to grab and comfortable to hold.

Look into these bicycle improvements that’ll increase your performance and watch as your cycling experience becomes better. Your bike is a tool, so use it well and customize it to your needs and preferences!

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