Best Side Hustles for Students

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As a student today, you are likely looking to get your hands on any extra cash you can. Enter: the side hustle. One of the easiest and least time-consuming job opportunities you can find, side hustles take a few hours of your day without being your full-time gig. These are the best side hustles for students.

Data Entry

Data entry is exactly what it sounds like—inputting data for various companies. Though the work may be somewhat monotonous, it will pay you for the time you put in. To find a data entry opportunity, search job boards and websites that list data entry tasks online.


Babysitting is the best way to make money if your dorm or apartment is in an area surrounded by families. If you go this route, it’s a good idea to become CPR and first aid certified so that you can handle any emergencies that come up.

A babysitter’s reputation is the key that gets them into their gigs. Establish your credentials online and reach out to some families near you. A great place to start is with your professors—they may need childcare support more than you realize.

Virtual Assistant

A virtual assistant is just that—someone who works remotely but aids various people with their tasks. The virtual assistant works like a real-life assistant, organizing people’s emails and setting their schedules. You can even coordinate travel logistics for your clients. Search on virtual assistant sites for freelance opportunities online.


If you are fluent in a language other than English, you can easily become a translator online. You may have to pass a test to establish your linguistic credibility, but after that, you are on your way to a few extra dollars in your wallet. Jobs vary in length and language, so search for the opportunities you are best suited to handle.


If you exercise frequently or consider yourself to be strong, you could be an excellent mover. People are constantly moving out of their homes, apartments, and dorms, so offer your services as a mover. If you are not afraid to get sweaty and dirty along the way, look for mover opportunities in your area.


As a college student, you have gone through years of schooling that others have not. You can tutor struggling middle school or high school students with math, science, or literature to help them ace their next semester. Reach out to local families or tutor sites to find an educating gig.


If you are an avid photographer, consider doing it for money. You can easily sell your photos online and charge small fees to do photoshoots with students on campus. Advertise your services locally, and practice your craft at the same time.

Check out a few of the best side hustles for students today to find the right solution for you. There is no better alternative to the side hustle when it comes to pocketing extra cash each day. Look for jobs that are simple and manageable between your other work, school, and personal obligations.

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