Tips on Getting Ready for College with a Disability

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Preparing for college isn’t easy for anyone, but as a student with a disability there are many more things to consider before heading off on your post-secondary education adventure. You must make sure that the school you’ve chosen will set you up for success and ready yourself for the increased workload that college brings compared to high school.

These tips on getting ready for college with a disability will prepare for the first year of a brand-new school and new experiences.

Prepare to Apply for Accommodations

Any college that receives its funds from the government is required by law to provide students with disabilities proper accommodations. Some colleges may go the extra mile with their accommodations or may be notoriously poor at applying their accommodations. Whether you need extra help around campus or in the classroom, it’s important that you look out for colleges that will put you and your education first.

To apply for accommodations, you must have documentation of your disability along with the college’s own requirements ready to turn into the administration. It’s best to get your application for accommodations out of the way as soon as possible to avoid early conflicts with professors or staff.

Know What You Need to Succeed

It’s important to be vocal about the tools you need to succeed at college. Whether your school can provide what you need through accommodations or if you need to handle it on your own, getting everything in order first is essential. If you need a car on campus, take the required steps early to secure a parking spot and inquire about accessible parking permits on campus.

Order any specific school supplies that will keep you focused on schoolwork ahead of time. If there are medications you take, make sure that you’ll be able to pick them up nearby campus and not only at home. Discuss refills with your doctor now rather than when you’re already at college.

Practice Self-Advocacy

Though the college you’ve chosen may advocate accommodations for students with disabilities, there are plenty of individuals around school with various views and opinions that may be harmful to you. Even professors can say or do harmful things that take away from your learning experience.

While this is a worst-case scenario, it’s important to raise your voice when you notice any unfair treatment or discrimination based on your disability. A close circle of friends on campus can also help you with fair treatment. If you are ever treated unjustly, it’s essential that you take the matter up with administration to fight for your accommodations and right to learn. Any unfair treatment that you take up with administration is unfair treatment that future students with disabilities will not have to tolerate.

There’s no shame in asking for help with your college preparations. It might be difficult to balance these tips on getting ready for college with a disability along with the preparations for higher education, but taking care of them now will secure your success.

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