Useful Skills To Start Learning Today

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College is an opportunity to learn so much more than math equations and philosophical theories. College is a time that promotes individual growth and the ability to learn skills that will transfer into your everyday adult life. Let’s dive into some of the useful skills to start learning today that you’ll be happy you mastered in college.

How To Cook

You won’t be able to survive on Ramen noodles and dining hall food forever, or at least not while maintaining a healthy lifestyle. College is a great time to start exploring how to cook. Spend a weeknight or two cooking your meals rather than relying on fast food and easy microwave options. Learn some simple recipes, cooking techniques, and nutrition guidelines, and you’ll be set for life.

Basic Car Knowledge

Not everyone needs to be a car expert, but it is good to know a few repair techniques and terminology. Even if you aren’t an expert, having a basic understanding can help you get the right deals when you take your car in for maintenance. A few skills you may want to pick up include:

  • Changing a tire
  • Jumpstarting a dead battery
  • Changing the oil and other fluids

You may even want to consider learning how to drive a stick shift in your college years. If you plan to study abroad, many other countries use manual transmission cars, unlike the U.S. This skill won’t just benefit you abroad, either. Choosing to drive a manual transmission vehicle has many benefits, like lower sticker prices.

A New Language

Being bilingual is a hard skill to conquer, but it is undoubtedly a valuable one. Learning a new language will make you a valuable asset to employers come graduation time. Taking on a new language also helps sharpen your mind and improves multi-tasking and communication skills.

An Artform

Everyone needs a creative outlet in their lives. Spending time doing a creative task rather than scrolling through your phone can reduce stress and improve your healthy lifestyle. Pick up a new hobby like photography, a musical instrument, or drawing to express your creativity. Who knows, your new hobby could become an extra source of income, too!

Digital Literacy

As a college student in 2020, you’re likely pretty savvy with technology. Although, taking your knowledge a little further to understand common keyboard shortcuts, the basics of coding, and even editing software like Photoshop can make your time spent with technology even more efficient.


Hopefully you won’t ever have to use it, but it is a good idea to learn some self-defense techniques. Learning self-defense can help improve your confidence and help you physically protect yourself in the case of an emergency.
College is the perfect opportunity to dedicate some time to learning skills that will benefit you in the real world. Try out one of these useful skills to start learning today and see the impact it makes on your life.

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