How To Save Money On Car Tires

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A single, brand-new tire can typically cost anywhere from $150 to $200, and that number only goes up if you need to replace more than just one. Knowing the best time to buy tires and where the best deals are will help you to save money on car tires and get you back on the road. Consider a few strategies on how to save money on car tires for the next time you have an irreparable air leak or worn treads.  

Know When the Best Deals Are 

During certain times of the year, tire manufacturers will offer deals. They do this during the times of the year when they know people are in the market for new tires—those times being October and April. The reason for these months is that people typically change their tires before winter in October, and after winter in April to make sure their tires are fresh for the upcoming season.

Plan Your Purchases, But Don’t Make It Dangerous

Don’t wait to purchase new tires if there are clear and present dangers that come up while you’re driving. Tires that are too worn out run the risk of losing traction while driving; this is especially dangerous in rainy conditions. Your car may begin to hydroplane, and while there are ways to mitigate the dangers of hydroplaning, it’s a scenario that should be avoided.

Look for Tires Online

Going to online tire stores is a fast and reliable way to find deals and discounts throughout the year. With the access to online stores, it also makes it far easier to shop around and compare prices between different manufacturers.

Look for Tire Rebates

While searching online, you can check the tire manufacturers to see if they have any ongoing rebates for their tires. If they do, you can find large discounts on tires and potentially save hundreds of dollars on a new set.

Buy What You Need

Know what types of tires will best suit the environment you typically drive in. There’s a multitude of specialized tires that serve their own purpose, and while they may offer some advantages, you may not be able to utilize them in your situation. With these situational-specific advantages comes an increase in price.

Stick To the Basics

Unless you know that you’ll specifically use your car for the intended purposes of the specialized tires, then those special tires will only be a waste of money. Save your money and spend it wisely on tires that are suited for asphalt roads.  

Maintain Your Current Ones as Best You Can

The best way to save on tires is to take care of the ones you have. Ensure that they’re at the recommended air pressure, have them rotated when you receive an oil change, and always make sure that they’re properly aligned. Proper care and consistent maintenance can extend the life of tires for many months. 

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