Natural Remedies for Pain Relief

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Student athletes, especially college athletes, have to juggle their schoolwork with intensive training regimens in order to perform well in games but to also maintain their position on the team. This can be an incredible strain on your body that may leave you feeling sore and in pain if you just can’t seem to catch a break. To help you manage these aches, sores, and injuries, consider trying these natural remedies for pain relief.

Ice Baths

A common technique professional athletes use is ice baths. After a long workout or an intense game, taking the time to soak in an ice bath constricts your blood vessels. This alone doesn’t allow for pain relief, but afterward, once you’ve gotten out, your vessels will open back up and metabolic waste is able to flush away blood and other fluids – preventing inflammation that leads to soreness and aches. It’s also just nice to be able to cool down and relax after intensive workouts so that you feel much more refreshed leaving the locker room.

CBD Products

CBD is a rising star in terms of natural remedies for pain relief. Not to be confused with marijuana, CBD products are extracted from hemp plants and thus have very minimal traces of THC. CBD is a great way to reduce inflammation without any kind of intoxication or repercussions. For athletes, the ideal CBD product would be a CBD topical as these allow you to directly apply CBD to the spots of your body that are in pain, rather than consuming CBD and letting it spread out over the entirety of your body. Application is also very easy as you simply rub it onto your skin.

Endorphin Releases

Endorphins are naturally occurring chemicals within the body that serve as pain killers by binding to the opioid receptors within your brain to block the perception of pain. Endorphins occur, conveniently enough, during activities such as exercise, so after a game or intense workout, cooling down with some light exercise is a good way to release endorphins without pushing yourself too much. Alternatively, spicy foods will release plenty of endorphins while you sweat.

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