Advantages of Online Art Programs

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There is a particularly prominent movement in the art world where online classes have become a trendsetter for art education. Online learning is not a new concept and is often heralded for its convenience in regard to logistics. Despite limited access to materials and space, most use a digital myriad of webinars, live streams, workshops, and online summits to connect with audiences. Switching to an online art program may be a new approach, but there are several advantages. Read on about the advantages of online art programs.

Keeping a Personal Connection

The main benefit of online art education is that they help maintain a connection between student and teacher. As a medium, video encourages a level of familiarity that builds a community. Although not in a studio, teachers can foster more personal connections with the students, allowing them to know their instructor and how they act or react in certain situations.

Ease of Access

Another benefit to remote classes is that students can attend from anywhere they can access an internet connection. To mirror offline activity, sources can be scheduled at specific times to feel formal. Many teachers offer syllabi with project deadlines, homework, and additional links if needed. With these guidelines set in place, this revised format provides legitimacy and, as a result, helps make teachers and students feel more committed to classes and programs.

Options To Stay in Touch

Also, all strategies should include multiple channels to communicate. For example, besides hosting weekly or bi-weekly zoom meetings, instructors can set up virtual office hours, and students can “drop-in” just like they would in real life and ask questions.
Another way quality contact can be made conveniently is through a YouTube channel sharing quality content that complements the subject material of virtual lessons. When individuals can access enriching content for their education, they are likely to visit the channel regularly and recommend it to others. Adding extra content on a YouTube channel drives more traffic and visibility of select online classes.

Flexibility Is the Key

Another note about communicating online is that one has to be patient and adjust expectations and be patient with technology. For students, they should consider buying a quality webcam if they don’t already have one. It can make a huge difference in clarity and be especially helpful when learning a new technique that requires a lot of detail. Teachers need to remain flexible and accept “substitutes” if students do not have the necessary materials for a given class or cannot find a location for an offsite assignment.

Foundational Learning

As well as individual classes, many online art schools provide foundational learning. This is top to bottom one-stop-shop for a complete arts education. Single courses are very popular for brushing up on a topic, staying up to date, and learning a single topic quickly. But foundational learning allows for an immersive experience where a straight line of courses adds up to expertise in a given field.

We hope you found this guide on the advantages of online art programs has helped you decide about taking online art classes. Go forth, and be creative!

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