Common Issues for First-Year College Students

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College is jam-packed with new opportunities and experiences you just can’t get anywhere else. Students get a whole selection of unique learning and social interests during their four years at college, even gaining insight on personal passions.

Though exciting, the adjustment to university life can be very tough for some freshman. If you have any anxieties about this new chapter in life, check out our list of common issues for first-year college students and how to handle them. 

Managing Your Health

It’s challenging to do well in any aspect of college when your health suffers. Often, students’ health takes a back seat to social and academic demands. However, your health should always be a priority.

New responsibilities may cause your stress levels to rise higher than experienced and your health to falter as a result. Be mindful of the following health factors so you can adopt good habits before entering your first year.

New Eating Habits

Unless you mastered culinary skills in high school, it’s not likely you’re comfortable with complex recipes in the kitchen. Limited cooking resources in dorms, buffet-style dining halls, and student discounts on local fast-food spots make it tough for freshman to stick to an ideal dietary plan.

Many first-year students notice their weight fluctuate due to the change in their food options. It’s normal to experience weight gain or loss your first year—just be mindful of any drastic bodily changes and eating habits that cause adverse health conditions.

Student Tip: You can practice mindful eating by learning one simple recipe a week. Additionally, take advantage of your campus recreation center and see if they offer any fitness courses or clubs that pique your interest, such as Zumba or intramural soccer.

Academic and Social Stress

The simultaneous pressure to do well in college classes and also make friends are overwhelmingly common issues for first-year college students. At first, you may find it hard to balance the two.

Utilize your college’s academic resources, such as the library and professors’ office hours, to remain on track in your classes. If you have to say “no” to the dorm party on the second floor on a weekday, you’ll always have the weekend to catch up and have fun with friends. Avoid burning the candle at both ends by allocating time for friends and time for coursework.

Sorting Your Finances

Whether you live on or off campus, you’ll notice a lot more financial demands once you move out from home. Groceries, student loans, rent, and other financial requirements at college may startle some new students.

On top of paying for course books, meals, and snacks, you’re likely to invest in entertainment on campus. Going out with friends is one of the many wonderful social features of college—but it can eat at your bank account if you’re not careful. Get familiar with college student budgeting advice to remain vigilant about your financial situation.

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