How Young Drivers Can Lower Their Insurance Rates

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Car insurance is one of the many expenses young adults take on during their college years. As you purchase your own car and establish financial independence, you must find an insurance policy that works with your budget.

Like anyone else, you’ll want to compare quotes between providers and ask about discounts on your policy. College students can also take advantage of a few tricks when purchasing auto insurance. Save money with this guide to how young drivers can lower their insurance rates.

What Influences Insurance Rates?

To save money on insurance, you must understand how providers create premiums for each customer. How, what, and where you drive has a major influence on your insurance rates.

Insurance companies will look at your record to determine if you’re a high-risk driver. Unfortunately, one of the factors that make you a high-risk driver is your age. Insurance providers often charge young drivers more due to their lack of experience behind the wheel.

The good news is that understanding this and other factors will help you get better deals. You can analyze your behaviors and make sure you’re striving to be the best driver—and the best insurance customer—you can possibly be. Look out for deals and solutions with the following ways young drivers can lower their insurance rates.

Keep Your Grades up

How are your grades this semester? Many insurance providers reward good students for their hard work. A successful report card can earn you significant discounts on your insurance policy.

The exact details of these accounts vary, but most providers reward a report card full of As and Bs. Be sure to look into each provider’s good student discounts. Factor this information into the quotes you receive from each option.

Some providers will need proof of your grades to apply the discount. This means you’ll have to work hard to keep your grades up, both now and in future semesters.

Show off Safe Driving Skills

Of course, one of the biggest elements insurance providers look at is your driving skills. A clean driving record can save a lot of money on your premium. Ask about your provider’s safe driving discounts and what they entail.

Some providers might have you install an app or a device in your car to monitor your driving habits. Additionally, you can earn discounts by attending defensive driving courses and other educational programs.

Build Credit

Your credit score and history also influence your auto insurance rates. Young adults are just starting to build their credit, which makes it hard to benefit from good credit discounts. However, college is a great time to start improving your credit score.

Ways to boost your credit include signing up for a credit card and paying it off every month, paying bills for your first apartment, or getting a head start on student loans. While this effort might not pay off right away, these are great ways to get an early start on your credit score and save money in the long run.

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