The Best Sports To Try Out This Spring

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Spring has finally sprung, which means our long winter spent hibernating indoors can finally come to an end! With this shift into the new season and warmer weather comes new opportunities to get back in shape and embrace the great outdoors.

Luckily, there are plenty of sports that allow you to enjoy everything spring has to offer while getting some much-needed exercise and vitamin D. Naturally, some activities are better suited to spring than others.

We’ll explore a few of them in this guide to the best sports to try out this spring. 

Baseball and Softball

Baseball and softball are both great options this spring because they allow you to partake in a team sport without getting too close to your teammates. In the era of COVID-19, social distancing is everything, so any sport that allows you to see and interact with your friends while still remaining safe is a win in our book.

Even if you’re not able to roust up an entire team, you can still hone your skills by hitting the batting cages or just throwing a ball back and forth with friends.


Whether outside in the sand or indoors on a court, volleyball will get your blood pumping in no time. You and your teammates will form a quick camaraderie as you do everything in your power to keep that ball from hitting the ground. Not only is volleyball a very physically intense game, but it also helps work your brain.

Keeping your eye on the ball at all times, you must keep track of how many times your team has hit the ball before sending it over the net. Plus, you must calculate the ball’s trajectory and the location of your teammates in order to avoid crashing into one another. Talk about a game that works your mind, body, and soul!


If team sports aren’t exactly your thing, and you prefer to rely on your skills alone, consider taking up tennis. Tennis is one of the best sports to try out this spring because it requires minimal equipment and only one opponent, rather than a whole team. It’s also a very easy activity to get the hang of, as the rules are fairly straightforward, and the skills are easy to practice on and off the court.

After reading up on a few essential tips, even beginners will be feeling like Serena Williams. If you’d like to invite a few more friends to join in your journey to Wimbledon, consider playing doubles tennis instead of singles—the rules are roughly the same, but it’s two times as much fun!


Perhaps cheering crowds and blaring buzzers aren’t exactly what you’re looking for. In that case, golf might be the perfect springtime sport for you. Take your time lining up your shots and walking from hole to hole on a pristinely curated golf course. Even if your swing is off and you end up slightly over par, you’ll get to enjoy a beautiful day spent outside in the company of your friends.

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