Considerations When Buying a Standing Desk

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You might be moving into a smaller space soon, and it’s just not going to accommodate that large desk you’ve been using for such a long time. You hate to see it go, but you think maybe it’s time for something a little more ergonomic and space-saving. \

But what do you look for in a standing desk? There are many options and models, and we hope to present the primary considerations when buying a standing desk.


Standing desks are excellent investments in your health and wellness. So, it pays to go a bit further budget-wise with a standing desk. Height adjustment desks alone are a hefty sum, so if you’re tight on cash and you need a low-budget alternative, consider a standing desk converter.

Weight Capacity

Not all standing desks are designed to hold the average laptop or desktop computer. If your standing desk is expected to do some heavy lifting, you need to check the maximum weight restrictions on the weight it can hold.

Ease of Assembly and User-Friendliness

Some standing desks need a one-time installation while others need to be specially mounted. Alternatively, a retrofitted standing desk that may be stowed away is usually excellent for hot desking or space-saving when it’s not in use. Depending on your needs, choose the standing desk that offers the most flexibility.

Work Surface

If you’re the messy kind of worker or require multiple screens to do your work, you want to make sure you have real estate to work. If you need papers on your desk or other accessories, get a desk that will accommodate that.


Avoid buying cheap standing desk substitutes that don’t offer a warranty. Warranty periods for standing desks vary wildly; a quality standing desk should come with at least a 3-year warranty.

Material Quality and Durability

Warranty usually depends on the number of moving parts and materials in which the desk is made. Cheap plastic will have a shorter life span as compared to metal and wood. You wouldn’t rely on a structurally unsound desk to hold up your beloved computer; the material that gives you the best value for your dollar is some trusty sustainable wood.

Versatility, Maximum, and Minimum Height

Apart from its core functionality, some standing desks offer additional features like built-in speakers. More importantly, it’s essential to check the height adjustment range to best suit your ergonomic needs.


Lastly, we consider the most critical factor when buying your standing desk as posture, which we are trying to address beyond space savings. An ideal standing desk raises the monitor to eye height, preventing looking down at the screen, which causes stress on the neck and spine.

A standing desk or standing desk converter is an excellent option for several reasons. After you’ve read considerations when buying a standing desk, we hope you are ready to make a purchase. While a standing desk might be new to you, you might immensely enjoy its many benefits.

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