4 Driving Safety Tips for First-Time College Students

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As the fall semester kicks off, many students are experiencing their first few months away from home. This period of your life brings a lot of freedom and opportunity, but those also come with new responsibilities. For example, if you bring your car to campus, you’re now free to travel wherever you want, whenever you want. However, driving in a college town brings its own set of risks and challenges. From facing unfamiliar circumstances to taking care of yourself and your vehicle, here are four driving safety tips for first-time college students.

Don’t Drink and Drive

This isn’t a new tip, of course. You’ve heard it time and time again: if you drink, don’t drive. However, it never hurts to restate this rule—especially as you start your college experience. Many young adults start drinking during their college years. While alcohol itself isn’t bad, make sure you always drink responsibly. Driving under the influence is reckless. Even if you don’t hurt anyone, you can still end up with plenty of legal and financial consequences. The cost of your first DUI adds up quickly. Even worse, your DUI will be on your record for years to come, making it harder to find scholarships, jobs, and other important opportunities.

Take Good Care of Your Vehicle

Even if your car is still in your parents’ name, you’re the main driver now. As such, the responsibility of caring for your car falls on your shoulders. You should learn the basics of caring for your car. Simple skills like changing a tire or jumping the battery can help you out of a tough spot when you’re on your own. Preventative care is also crucial for your vehicle. Keep up with regular maintenance like oil changes, tire rotations, and other routine services. Finally, make sure you check up on your car regularly, especially if you leave it at a remote parking lot. Even if you don’t need to drive regularly, take the time to inspect your car and drive it around every few days. This will help keep your battery in good shape and deter any thieves looking for neglected vehicles.

Don’t Be a Taxi for Friends

Having a car is a great way to make friends, especially during your freshman year. However, you shouldn’t be the only one driving your group around. Make sure you set boundaries for yourself and your vehicle. Don’t let acquaintances take advantage of you just because you have access to a car. If you drive your friends around, make sure they don’t distract you or encourage other unsafe habits behind the wheel. For longer drives, ask everyone to chip in for gas money. Finally, when you do hit the road with friends, make sure everyone is wearing a seat belt.

Get to Know the Area

Driving in your college town means driving in a new place. The sooner you’re comfortable with the lay of the land, the better off you’ll be when you hit the road. One of the best driving safety tips for first-time college students is to spend some free time cruising around town. You can listen to music, hang out with a couple of friends, and even discover some cool spots in your new neighborhood. Plus, learning your way around town helps you feel more at home in your college town, making your experience there even more enjoyable.

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