Car Care Tips That Can Save You Money

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Car ownership is one of the great contradictions in life: sometimes you need one just so you can barely afford to pay for one. The added expense of a vehicle can put extra strain on your already precarious financial position. But take heart. When you own a vehicle, there are ways to save a few bucks here and there with little to no investment. Investigate these car care tips that can save you money so you can keep on driving.

Look for Discounts on Your Insurance

An absolutely necessity because it’s usually legally required and necessary in case of an accident, insurance can cost upwards of a thousand dollars or more a year. If you’re paying for your own insurance, making sure you’re getting all the deals you’re due. Are you a student with at least a B grade average? Your insurer has a discount for you because good students are usually great drivers. Are you a member of a fraternity, sorority, or alumni club? They may provide cheaper insurance. If you can take a defensive driving course, do it—doing so will probably knock a hundred bucks off your premium as well.

Learn Some Auto Maintenance Skills

It’s always easier to bring your car into the garage for service, particularly if you view car maintenance as a vast and unknowable field. Truth is, basic car maintenance is a breeze, and you can save a lot by trusting yourself to do it yourself. Ask a mechanically inclined friend or family member to give you a few lessons, or watch some videos online to get the gist of simple fixits like changing your oil, installing batteries, replacing filters, and more. As you get better, you’ll learn to trust yourself with bigger jobs like installing spark plugs, rotating and replacing your tires, and beyond. You’ll save on service charges and even parts if you shop smart.

Keep It Clean

It’s easy to forget to clean your car. If it never gets particularly muddy or covered with gunk, “good enough” becomes the norm. Forget that attitude and bring the car in for a regular car wash, or better yet, do it yourself in the driveway. A clean car stays in great shape longer, fighting off rust and corrosion and keeping moving parts like the wheels clean and running grit-free. Scientifically speaking, a clean car is more fuel-efficient as well, saving you money on both gas and oil.

Go Easy on the Gas

When considering car care tips that can save you money, don’t forget your most regular expense: gas. Taking care of the car, as mentioned above, is one way to improve fuel efficiency. However, there are other things you can do that involve adjusting your driving habits. Turn off the car when waiting at lights, as idling wastes gas. Take a load off your car by removing excess weight added by car racks, unnecessary loads, and any other weight. Keep your tires properly inflated, and go easy on the gas pedal too!

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