Small Design Tips To Make Schools More Inviting

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Trying to get kids interested in learning at school has been a time-tested battle for educators and administrators. School infrastructure across the country often suffers from outdated designs and sterile environments. However, with just a few adjustments, you can make your facility one that students enjoy walking into each morning. Here are some small design tips to make schools more inviting.

Decorate Your Hallways

Many schools don’t consider how they can alter their interiors beyond being form functional. The typical beige hallways and classrooms can appear drab and cold, thus dragging down students’ energy as they enter buildings.  With just a few simple tweaks and projects, you can completely redesign corridors and rooms with a fun, colorful palate. Paint hallways with your established school colors to help instill pride, create stone walkways that zigzag outdoors, or any other creative designs that liven up the environment. You can even invite students to engage in painting or decorating to help them feel personally connected to their school.

Upgrade Your Lighting

One of the oldest stereotypes that remains true for many facilities is the ominous flickering of fluorescent lights. This outdated lighting can lead to squinting, glare, and eye strain, making it harder to see when navigating classrooms and hallways. Fluorescent and incandescent lighting can also raise utility costs as they compensate for the heat generated from outdated fixtures. Making the upgrade to LED lighting can improve student performance and make your indoor facilities look more pleasant and welcoming.

Keep Your Classrooms Flexible

We’re all familiar with the typical design of a classroom; rows of desks moved in one direction facing the teacher who sits next to chalk or whiteboards. It’s a practical, pragmatic design decision for many schools but it remains rigid, which doesn’t help motivate students. If possible, inundate classrooms with versatile walls and chairs that can be moved and reconfigured. These movable walls and chairs allow the area to be opened and changed depending on the lesson plan. When projects call for collaboration in small groups, you can quickly move seats together and students can easily face their partners. Teachers can even outline activities and projects that make use of an expansive space.

Facilitate More Activity

It can be challenging for students to concentrate and sit still for seven hours a day. While gym class and recess can provide a much-needed outlet to release pent-up energy throughout the day, it may not be enough for younger kids who feel restless. Having a designated activity space in classrooms with equipment like exercise balls, or providing some time for stretching and light exercise, can bring a welcome change of pace throughout the day.

Rethinking the spaces we use for learning can help provide a jolt of energy for students and foster a passion for learning. All it takes is the desire and the drive to tweak how things have traditionally been done to make your school feel warm and inviting.

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