5 Careers for People Who Value Their Autonomy

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As you go through school, you may realize a few things about your eventual work life. College, specifically, is a time to understand how you want to work a little better. If you don’t enjoy the idea of working directly under someone all day long, you may want to search for a career that lets you be more independent.

These careers do exist, and we’ve come up with a few careers for people who value their autonomy to help you decide how you want to move forward.

Information Technology

If computers and technology are your thing, working in an IT department may be the right choice for you. IT professionals spend a lot of their day working with technology rather than taking orders from other people. You also have a lot of freedom to solve problems and find solutions on your own, rather than following the same routine every day.


Companies hire consultants for a variety of reasons. To put it simply, a consultant solves problems that the company itself can’t fix on its own. This means you get a lot of leeway to work how you want to work. You’re free to make your own success in this industry, and it all comes down to how good your ideas are. If you can think creatively and solve difficult problems, becoming a consultant can give you the autonomy you crave.


If you really want to get off the grid and rely only on yourself, a career in transportation services may work for you. If you have the qualities for truck driving, you can make a lot of money while rarely interacting with your bosses. If solitude and independence are two things you value, you might enjoy working on the road away from an office setting and superiors hovering over your shoulder. You get to make all the decisions as you drive.

Financial Services

Maybe you don’t love working with other people but love working with numbers. Going into financial services will give you all the numbers you could ever want. Whether you become a financial consultant, a tax auditor, an accountant, or any of the many other positions in the financial industry, it’s the numbers that matter the most. This career allows you to solve problems in any way you see fit, meaning no one needs to breathe down your neck while you work.


The quintessential career for people who value their autonomy lies in entrepreneurship. Perhaps the most difficult career path on this list, becoming your own boss is what most people aspire to do. When you run your own business, you can change it and mold it in whatever way you want. The decisions are yours to make. However, the responsibility to your clients and employees is also something you need to consider. If you have the right idea or product, you can come out on top while forging your own path.

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