Tips For Wearing Your Graduation Gown

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It’s easy to get caught up in the pomp and circumstance of a graduation ceremony. With so many little details to think about—from what you’ll wear underneath your robe to how you’ll celebrate afterward—you can lose track of small but vital considerations. Going into your ceremony with a few tips for wearing your graduation gown can save you the trouble of trying to remember if everything is in order at the last minute. 

Make Sure the Robes Are a Proper Fit

When you first receive your gown (which you will typically receive in the mail), the first thing you must do is take it out of the packaging immediately. Leaving it in the box for too long can lead to wrinkled fabric and deep creases that are difficult to get out. Once out of the package, you have to try it on to ensure it is a proper fit for your height and build.

Proper Length

Gowns are typically a one-size-fits-all style of dress, but you do need to double-check that the length is adequate for your frame. The hem of the gown needs to reach just below the knee but should not be so low that it poses a tripping hazard as you’re walking across the stage for your diploma.

Wearing The Cap

At first glance, it is difficult to tell the front of your cap from the back. Luckily, inside the cap, there should be directions indicating which side faces forward. If there is not, the side that comes to a V-shaped point is the front, and the more rounded side is the back.

Tassel Placement

More often than not, there are no directions for the placement of the tassel. It’s easy to forget which side it must rest on before the ceremony, but you must always place the tassel on the right side of the cap before you receive your degree and move it to the left after. Usually, you only move the tassel after the speaker indicates that you should.

Extra Regalia

Depending on what clubs, sports, or academic societies you belong to, you may receive additional regalia beyond your cap and gown. These come in the forms of sashes, medals, or cords, and you must layer them over your gown; the sash typically goes on first, followed by any cords and medals. 

Personal Accessories

Your school may encourage or prohibit additional accessories beyond the given regalia. However, graduates traditionally decorate the mortarboard of their cap with their own designs or wear flower necklaces to symbolize their transition to a new stage in life. There are some symbolic flowers that graduates add to these flower necklaces for added significance.

Know Your School Regulations

There are some schools that are very relaxed with their dress codes for graduation ceremonies, while other institutions are very strict about what you can and cannot wear. Know how to wear your graduation gown before the ceremony and consider what your particular school allows.

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