The Most Common Dorm Room Pet Peeves

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An exciting step in adulthood is going away to college. You form lasting relationships and gain independence as you move into a dorm. But dorm life isn’t always easy. You may have a roommate you don’t know well—this means awkward ice breakers or the risk of clashing personalities.

Dorm life also means sharing a bathroom and walls with neighbors. Prepare yourself by understanding common dorm room pet peeves so that you have solutions.

Messy Roommates

Many college students complain about a messy roommate. Long classes and projects make cleaning every day anything but easy. But when their dirty laundry starts to pile up or (worse) you can’t see the floor, it becomes a problem.

You can’t clean up after your roommate—it’s not fair to you and could aggravate them. If you’re dealing with this problem, talk to your roommate. The two of you could create a cleaning schedule and agree on what level of mess is acceptable.

Poor Cellular Reception

When you go away to college for the first time, you may miss your friends and family at home. Worse yet, you may have a hard time reaching them because of bad cell reception. Even if you have the money for a new phone, you’ll still have problems. So, why does cell reception randomly get worse in the dorm?

Many college students have poor reception in their dorm because of building materials. Concrete and other dense materials weaken the cellular signal. Luckily, you can improve your signal with a cellular signal booster. This technology enhances your signal. You don’t have to worry about feeling homesick and can make a call anytime.

Sharing a Bathroom

The dreaded shared bathroom is yet another common dorm room pet peeve. It makes getting ready a pain sometimes. This is especially true when you’re sharing with everyone on the dormitory floor. Not only do you have to worry about a mess, but you may also have to wait your turn to shower or get ready.

Fixing this problem isn’t as easy as solving one with your roommate. It involves more people and is harder to solve. If you’re worried about a mess, talk to your neighbors so that you can all come to an understanding.

Too Much Noise

Whether it’s your roommate coming back late at night or loud neighbors, a noisy dorm is annoying. If your roommate is constantly getting back late at night and doesn’t know how to get to bed quietly, talk to them. Likewise, if you have neighbors who think Tuesday night is party night, and their loud music keeps you up, have a conversation.

Sometimes, people don’t realize they’re too loud or that excessive noise is causing a problem. Remember, open communication is the best solution. If you have an important day coming up, tell your roommate and neighbors, and politely ask them to keep it down. You’re all college students, after all—they’ll understand the situation.

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