5 Ways To Transform Your Bedroom Into a Dorm Room

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Just because you aren’t staying on campus this year doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the full college experience. Use your current bedroom or—if it offers more space—take over the attic or basement in your house. You can figure out how to make a homemade dorm better than the ones on campus. Whether you are attending school remotely, commute to save money, or want to relive your glory days, here are five ways to transform your bedroom into a dorm room.

Set Up a Place To Study

One of the most important components of a dorm room is the desk. You’ll need a productive space to study, write papers, and do research for the next two to four years. Since you are customizing your own space, you can invest in an adjustable desk that allows you to stand during long hours of studying. Make sure the equipment you include with your desk is ergonomic. Your chair should support your back, and your wrists should lay flat when you use your keyboard.

Upgrade Your Bedding

Sleep is incredibly important, especially when you are in college. Since you might not get much of it—due to studying, of course—you should optimize the time you spend in bed. Get a quality mattress that supports your spine and helps you fall asleep quickly. The reasons you need quality bedding for your dorm are to ensure you get a good night’s sleep. A good night’s sleep is important to have energy, improved mood, and better overall health.

Keep Snacks Around

The less you must leave your room—the better. Your bedroom will start to feel like a dorm room once you pack it with snacks. If you can get away with it, add a mini-fridge to your décor so you’ll have cold beverages on hand. You can keep leftover pizza, yogurt, and maybe even ice cream in your mini-fridge too. The dorm with the best food is the dorm that everyone wants to spend time in.

Include Seating for Friends

No one wants to sit on the floor. While your bed can provide seating for a few people, you may entice more friends to join you if you add a chair or couch to your homemade dorm room. Also, choose comfortable seating! It can double as a study space when you get bored with your desk.

Change Your Décor

Whether you are taking over a new room in your home or using your childhood bedroom, you should spruce up the space with décor that matches your new style. Consider what you would want your dorm room to look like if you were staying on campus. Include posters and artwork that inspire your productivity and help you reach your goals.

Staying home for a year or more to complete your degree is an exciting adventure. You can curate your own space and make it better than what most campuses have to offer. Make your homemade dorm room Instagram-worthy, and all your new college friends will want to visit right away. Have fun with these five ways to transform your bedroom into a dorm room.

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