How To Stay Organized During the School Year

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What does your backpack or book bag look like three weeks into the semester? Perhaps you’ve got worksheets and notebooks crammed next to each other in no particular order. Or maybe you keep all your notes in one book and struggle to differentiate between subjects. No matter how you keep your things in order—or don’t—here’s a handy subject-by-subject guide on how to stay organized during the school year.


Your teacher or professor will most likely teach lessons in chronological order. Set aside a notebook or journal just for history notes, and write your notes in chronological order as well. At the beginning of every class period, turn to a fresh page and make a note of any readings you completed beforehand. That way, you’ll keep your in-class notes in sync with your homework. If it helps, consider using tabbed dividers to keep units separate. That way, if you need to find your World War II notes in a pinch, they’ll be much easier to find!


Math needs its own notebook. Graph paper will help you draw crisp lines and keep your formulas distinct from your equations. Try using a three-ring binder filled with loose-leaf graph paper. When you receive worksheets and quizzes, you can easily slide them in alongside your handwritten notes. You can also use binder dividers for even more helpful organization.


Depending on the type of class, you may need a larger notebook, divided into sections, for your English notes. Keep one section devoted to in-class notes, another section to short essay assignments, and another to grammar and vocabulary. In addition to your notebook, keep a folder or three-ring binder handy for all your papers and long-form assignments. You may also want a section for reading notes.


Keeping meticulous, organized notes is crucial to success in any science class. If you’ll be doing labs regularly, invest in a good scientific lab notebook to keep the records of your experiments neat and in order. Much like math notes, graph paper is ideal for organizing formulas and reactions. Write the date on every new page you use. That way, it’ll be easier to cross-reference your notebook with any worksheets or assignment papers the teacher passes out.

Study Time

Create your perfect study space at home. Clear your desk of any distractions or papers not relevant to your homework. Keep pens, pencils, and highlighters within easy reach. If you have trouble concentrating for long periods of time, use a timer to try the Pomodoro technique: for every 25 minutes of studying, take a five-minute break to recharge.

Be prepared for your return to school by organizing your books and papers in a way that makes the most sense to you. These pointers on how to stay organized during the school year are a perfect starting point on your road to an organized and successful semester.

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