Most Effective Ways To Calm Down Your Pet

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A common thing for many college students to do after they move out of the dorms is to get a pet. It’s the first time you can fully take responsibility for a living being other than yourself since you moved out. The only problem is that learning how to keep them under control is more challenging than it seems.

All pets—but dogs in particular—can get riled up over nothing and cause a racket, which is annoying for you and possibly your neighbors. If this is a problem you’re currently having with your new animal friend, then you’ll want to keep reading our list of the most effective ways to calm down your pet.

Coddle Them

If your pet is freaking out over a storm, they might be needing the soothing touch of their owner to calm them down. On the other hand, if they’re being loud and obnoxious, they’re likely just looking for attention. Regardless of the reason, petting them is a sure-fire way to calm them down.

However, you don’t want to respond this way every time. Always running to them when they’re stressed will make them dependent on you. While that’s not the worst feeling in the world, this can cause them to eventually develop separation anxiety, which will cause issues if you have to leave for an extended period and someone else must take care of them for a while.

Put Them in Their Cage

Balance the previous tip with this one. Putting your pet in their cage will not only let them know that they did something wrong, but it’ll do so in a way that keeps them from relying on you for comfort. You should only use this method in extreme cases.

For example, if your new puppy gets so excited that they pee all over the carpet, you should put them in their kennel. That way, they know that they did something wrong and need to calm down. You’ll want to make sure your dog’s cage is comfortable, though. There’s no need for them to suffer while inside it.

Turn On Some Music

As humans, we know that music is a go-to when we’re stressed. Funnily enough, it works for pets too—so this weirdly effective way to calm down your pet will probably be the most enjoyable for both of you.

Dogs and cats both love calming music, but playing music actually works best for birds. Depending on the type of bird you have, they might even try dancing along with it.

Make Sure They Get Some Exercise

If your pet is dealing with stress, then they might not be getting enough physical activity in their routine. Take your dog on more walks or use the laser pointer more often with your cat.

Anxiety in animals gets turned into pent-up energy if not dispersed, so keeping them active will help alleviate some of it. If the problem persists, though, you might want to seek out some advice from their vet.

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