5 In-Demand Trade Jobs for Highschool Graduates

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Many community colleges around the country offer workforce programs, specialized degrees that focus exclusively on skills that are vital to a specific field. For students who don’t enjoy core curriculum classes or are hoping to join their field sooner than later, Associate of Applied Science degrees or technical degrees may be the best option. Whether you seek certification, an apprenticeship, or a degree that fits the work, these five in-demand trade jobs for high school graduates are the best route for students seeking success without the traditional higher ed experience.


Few people considered plumbing a glamourous field until recent years, when the flexibility and potential of the position came to light. A person can pursue a career as a plumber through vocational schools, community colleges, or paid apprenticeship programs that leave students with little or no debt when they graduate. Plumbers earn more than the average college graduate in most parts of the country and can open their own businesses or join a local team early in their careers.

Oil Field Technician

Working on an oil field can mean being in one of several essential positions. A field technician can perform various tasks, from performing direct rig maintenance that allows drills to operate smoothly to completing an oil field lighting installation that keeps the workers safe. Oil field jobs often involve frequent, potentially global travel and demanding hours, but the highly skilled work pays well. Certifications are available for most positions in the field, whether you wish to pursue a job as an energy engineer, electrician, or rig operator.

HVAC Technician

For students hoping to join the workforce as soon as possible, the HVAC industry is perfect. With a focus on equipment installation and repairs, HVAC technicians have an incredibly hands-on job that keeps their community comfortable and safe. Preparing to be an HVAC technician is a focused endeavor, with some certification programs requiring less than a year to complete.

Elevator Mechanic

Elevator mechanics have a position most people don’t think of, but it’s extremely well-rooted in the US, known for excellent pay and union-backed benefits. Due to the long history of this field, becoming an elevator mechanic is a little more demanding than other jobs on this list. However, the apprenticeship and union experience process is still an excellent alternative for graduates looking to step outside traditional education.

Building Inspector

As building inspectors are always in demand, they make another fantastic career choice for high school graduates looking for trade work. After pursuing certificates or a workforce degree in engineering or other construction sciences, those who wish to become building inspectors will need to gain on-the-job experience and pass a civil service exam.

Once they’ve completed their education, the doors begin to open for well-paid and in-demand government positions.
Seeking an alternative to a traditional four-year degree shouldn’t shut students out of higher education. These five in-demand trade jobs are perfect for high school graduates who love hands-on work or are looking to hit the ground running in their careers.

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