Ways To Boost Confidence for Your First Day Back at School

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With school being right around the corner, there are a few ways to boost your confidence for your first day back at school. First, you can do many things to build your confidence. You can use affirmations, skincare, and self-development strategies like mirror talk, shifting your mindset, and practicing daily gratitude

Once you have your confidence set, you can develop a new level of self-efficacy. Do this by being prepared, engaging in self-care, and having a set schedule that you can follow without issue! We’ll go more into detail regarding methods to increase your self-assurance so that you’re not as nervous on the first day back.


By pre-packing, you save yourself from the pressure of running around at the last minute to gather all the things that you need to take back to school with you in the morning. Instead, you can lay out your clothes for the week. You can also pre-pack your lunch, snacks, and bookbag with anything you need for classes and extracurricular activities.

Having a Self-Care Day

Having a self-care day is a great confidence booster. You can give yourself a great manicure or pedicure during this time. Finding affirmations that you can use and setting your skincare routine will also help. Additionally, you can soak in the tub with candles, Epson salt, and cucumber on your eyes. The list is endless! Finding and implementing the proper skincare routine before the year starts is critical! But don’t fret; after learning skincare tips for going back to school, you’ll be all set.

Creating a Schedule

When you create a schedule, you allow yourself to start getting back into the swing of routines while also readying your time management skills. During the year, you must manage your schoolwork and home life. So, if you have some extracurricular activities or work periods, get yourself in the habit of following a schedule ahead of time. This way, you won’t feel overwhelmed and tired when the time comes.

Setting a Bedtime

By setting a bedtime, you can get in the habit of getting ample rest before the semester starts again. Doing this is honestly the best confidence booster for your first day back at school! Yes, it sounds lame, but so is having morning classes and being exhausted. You know the attendance policy, and coming in late it can cause your grade to be lower! Do you want to risk being late right when you return to school?

Going Inward

Going inward means dealing with your racing thoughts and that little voice that pops up in your head. The inner voice can manifest suddenly and make your thoughts start racing. It can also make you self-conscious wherever you are. Once you learn to silence it and grow in the art of mindfulness, you’ll no longer be worried about what people think. Whether they talk about you or see your embarrassing actions, you’ll feel fine.

By following these simple steps, you will be ready to conquer another year of your education. So, take a deep breath and walk into that building with your head and chin up and shoulders wide!

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