What To Look For in a Dentistry School

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Post-graduate education is a vital step in attaining your career goals. Dentistry school is one such higher education opportunity that will boost your chances of success in the working world. There are hundreds and hundreds of programs to explore—it can feel overwhelming. To alleviate some of the school-finding pressure, here is what to look for in a dentistry school.

Start With Location

People tend to prioritize academics and campus culture when looking for higher education institutions. While these are good things, they are not all you should think about when selecting a school, especially in the medical field. Almost every medical degree requires some level of practicum or residency to complete the program. This means that where you go to school will likely lead to your first job and where you will obtain your licensure, thereby cementing you in the local community.

Start looking for dentistry schools by location and learn as much as you can about the local dental scene. The more you understand the landscape and quality of post-graduate opportunities, the better selection you can make for the long run.

Consider the Curriculum Options

Dentistry schools do not teach only one curriculum. There is an array of disciplines and courses to explore within the field. Everyone absorbs information in different ways, so choose a school that has a pedagogical approach closest to your learning style. The breadth and depth of the curriculum should address your learning needs while also exposing you to new disciplines you did not know. There are many different types of dentists, so explore every educational avenue while you have the chance.

Curricula will change over time as well, so be on the lookout for schools that adapt to keep up with the times. This could be anything from hiring industry leaders to furnishing labs with experimental technology. You should also look for a school with professors of diverse backgrounds—the more cultural, disciplinary, and experiential backgrounds that are available to you, the better. Imagine going from one class taught by a Mercy Ship dentist to another run by an oral surgeon. It is critical to remember that your professors will serve as the first link in your long chain of future connections, so find a school with well-connected people.

Look at Verified Statistics

Every school lists its favorable accomplishments, rankings, and ratings at the top of their website to garner interest. Yet this is a thinly veiled marketing ploy you must remain wary of. Look for verified statistics from independent researchers and third-party groups. Those who are unaffiliated with a school can collect unbiased information about each institution.

Check out online databases and see where your top dentistry school choices land. The key indicators you should look at include job placement percentages, salary rates, and student diversity. Each of these items will impact your educational and vocational experiences.

Knowing what to look for in a dentistry school will guide you to the right education. Graduate school is a place where you will make life-long friends, master career-focused skills, and build a professional network. So, start your journey on the right foot with a thorough school search—the result will not disappoint.

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