4 Documents That You Need To Keep Forever

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Many places where you may have to prove your identity—such as airports and places of employment— aren’t very lenient about using scans or copies of your documents. In fact, your school may be the only place that accepts copies. Four documents that you need to keep forever include your Social Security card, your birth certificate, your shot records, and any necessary legal documentation. Learn more about each of these documents below.

Social Security Card

Your Social Security card is necessary because it contains your nine-digit Social Security number. This document allows employers to verify your identity and check your consumer history and credit report. Having your social will come in handy when you’re applying for jobs, financial aid, and loans. If possible, try to memorize your Social Security number as well as your driver’s license number. Not always having to whip out one of these confidential documents will be useful. 

Birth Certificate

Your birth certificate is the only piece of paper that can prove you were born. Yes, you are alive and present, but that’s not enough in official cases. Listing important details such as your birthplace, your birth certificate can document your birth and often your US citizenship. This certificate is one of the two I-9 verification documents you’ll need to prove your identity.

Shot Records and Other Health Information

Another one of the four documents that you need to keep forever is your shot record. This will list the dates and names of every vaccine you’ve been issued since you were born. You can obtain your shot records from your primary physician or your school. When you get a copy, hold on to it tight—it’ll come in handy to prevent double administration of vaccines.

Don’t be the person who must still call their parents for their health information. Instead, start collecting records from your doctors’ visits, which should include the reason for your visit and the diagnosis, so that you’re aware of and able to communicate what’s going on with your health. If you have chronic health conditions, the best tips for successful document scanning will come in handy if you ever need to send your medical history to your provider.

Legal Documents

If you have any legal documents, it’s best to keep them stored away safely with the other three items, as obtaining copies of legal documents can be difficult. In addition, keeping legal documents will allow you to show proof if an issue were to arise. Some of these documents might include insurance information and any wills or beneficiary documents.

If you’re away from home and handling all your important documents and paperwork for the first time, a simple way to keep them safe is by using a lockbox or a safe. Upgrading from that folder or from storing documents under your mattress will be a significant step toward adulthood.

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