Back-to-School Clothes Shopping Tips for Teens

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Do you want to win the Best Dressed award? Or do you want to have the freshest kicks on the first day? Explore these back-to-school clothes shopping tips for teens so that you can rock the shop!

Factory Stores and Thrift Shops

If you want to get some new fits without breaking the bank, factory stores and thrift shops are your friends. Factory stores are a great resource to find high-end department store clothes at a discounted price. Factory stores technically are last season’s clothes, but they can sometimes have the same clothes and accessories as what’s currently in their flagship counterpart. If you have any factory stores nearby, check them out because you might find that shirt you didn’t want to pay for at another store at a heavy discount.

Thrift stores are practically synonymous with Gen Z fashion. They are typically the best place to find cheap, unique clothes. Also, the trick to successful thrift store shopping is finding the right store. There are varying degrees of secondhand stores, from vintage and charity thrift stores to third-party boutiques, which is why it is so crucial to find the right store for your fit. Thrifting is a numbers game, so it’s never a bad idea to go to multiple stores to find the right clothes within your budget.

Plan Ahead

When you’re shopping for back-to-school, chances are you have some things you need. Teenagers are constantly growing, and you might have grown out of your favorite pants or those fashionable and functional shoes you wore down to the soles. So, check out your entire wardrobe before shopping. That way, you can figure out what clothes you already have that fit and that you like. Then, when you go out shopping, you know what you want to buy.

Find It Online

The biggest store in the world isn’t in a mall; it’s on the internet. If you are in a store and find something you like but it is too expensive, or it’s not in your size, take a picture of the product number on the tag. Then, you can go home and search for the product. After that, you’ll get listings for it on the brand’s site, where they may have some exclusive online sales, or you can use coupon finders to find a discount. The internet is vast, though; you can most likely find what you’re looking for on sites like eBay or third-party boutique sellers. The point is to not limit yourself to what you see in brick-and-mortar stores. If you’re willing to look, what you want is out there.

Now that you’ve explored these back-to-school clothes shopping tips for teens, hopefully, you’re one step closer to nailing that perfect wardrobe. Shop at a secondhand store so that you can have a stylish outfit for the first day without breaking the bank.

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