Best Outdoor Hobbies You Haven’t Tried Yet

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Even though summer is coming to an end and school is starting up again, the time to have fun outside isn’t over quite yet. You can still get out there and try something new before that dreaded winter season sets in. If you’re unsure of what you should be trying, you’ve come to the right place. Here’s a list of some of the best outdoor hobbies you haven’t tried yet that we think you should.


Let’s start our list with a weird one. Footgolf is a fairly new idea, but it’s also a pretty basic one, so it’s surprising it didn’t catch on sooner. If you have friends who play soccer, you’ve likely heard them brag about how accurate their shots are on the field. Well, now it’s time to see if they are all talk. Footgolf works just like regular golf, only with a soccer ball. It takes place on an actual golf course, so it’ll be a bit different than a field, but if your friends are as good as they say, it shouldn’t matter.

Axe Throwing/Archery

We put these two together because they’re relatively similar. Ax throwing is a good place to start, though, since you don’t have to buy or rent any equipment, and it’s easy enough to learn. If you try it and love it, give archery a go. It’s much more skill-based and focus-intensive, but if you put enough time into it, you’ll probably get pretty good. Just make sure you look into which archery bow is best for you before buying one.


Too few people have given kneeboarding a try. Most people have gone tubing before but are too intimidated to try waterskiing or wakeboarding. That’s totally understandable, but a good intermediary between the two is kneeboarding—and nobody seems to know about it. This sport uses boards made specifically for riding on your knees, but if you have a standard wakeboard lying around, all you have to do is put a strap on it, and you can give kneeboarding a try.

Treetop Adventure

You’ve probably seen your fair share of treetop adventures at theme parks and other such places. They’re pretty popular these days. However, even though these adventures typically cater to children, some of them are pretty challenging and will test your strength and willpower. We once saw a section of one with a rolling log that you had to walk across, and many people struggled to get across it. Try one for yourself to see how fun and challenging they can be.

Panning for Gold

If you are looking for something less intense than the other options in our list of best outdoor hobbies you haven’t tried yet, maybe panning for gold is the thing for you. Obviously, the best part of this is if you hit it big and find something that has some actual value—but you can discover other pretty gemstones as well. Even if you come up short, there’s nothing more calming than sitting next to a quiet stream all day.

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