The Top 10 Essential School Supplies for Every Student

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The Top 10 Essential School Supplies for Every Student

The start of the semester is always the busiest, and teachers expect students to be at class on time with all their materials ready. But many students come unprepared—they either have the wrong supplies or not enough. Here are the top 10 essential school supplies for every student, no matter what grade level, so they can stock up and be ready to learn.

Pencils & Pens

Reading and writing are the beginning of all learning from the earliest age, so you’ll obviously need something to write with. Some people prefer pens; some would rather use pencils. Depending on what subjects you’re taking, you may need pens of different colors. Just make sure you stock up because you’re sure to lose or lend out at least a few during the school year.


You can’t remember everything the teacher says verbatim, which is why you should always carry a notebook. Maybe it’s for the purpose of remembering certain things, or maybe you make a journal out of your notebook to help you practice your writing or observation skills for different classes.

Eraser & Correction Tape

People make mistakes—it’s inevitable. Whether you prefer to write with pencils or pens, you will need erasers and correction tape to fix the mistakes that are sure to happen along the way. It’ll keep that notebook looking much cleaner and more legible.


A backpack sure makes light of the load students have to carry these days. With all the textbooks and paperwork they need to haul around with them, it’s a miracle they can keep themselves energetic and happy day after day.


At all grades, no matter what you’re learning, you will need paper. Work tends to build up as you progress in your school career, so this is one thing you never want to be without. Having the right supplies can determine your success.


Staying organized is the single greatest thing you can do to ensure your success in school. With all the different homework and class projects to keep up with, you’ll need to stay as organized as possible just to carry on daily. Folders can help you with that.


If you need even more help with your organization, a binder is a perfect place for all those files so that you can keep everything all in one place. You can then use dividers to further separate things out by different subjects, projects, or due dates. You’re much less likely to lose anything when you make use of a binder.


Every student should keep a planner at their side—it’s one of the most underrated and underutilized tools in your arsenal. With a planner, you can keep up with your classes, your homework, and all the events going on in your life.


Regardless of whether you’re taking algebra, advanced calculus, or a shop class, you’ll need to employ those math skills at some point. Having a calculator on hand will make things a whole lot easier than trying to figure it out with pencil and paper.


You can save all your documents digitally on a computer now. Much of the work students do in schools is on computers. Some classes even require students to bring computers to class to do their work.

Students need certain things to succeed while in school, and these are among them. Make sure that you go to class ready with all your schoolwork and supplies. Knowing the top 10 school supplies for every student will certainly get you on your way.

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