4 Main Types of Insurance To Get in Your 20s

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4 Main Types of Insurance To Get in Your 20s

Insurance protects you in many situations, which is why you must understand the four main types of insurance to get in your 20s.

Our 20s may be a rough transition to the real world because this is the time where we figure out what we want to do with our lives and who we are. Those are two pretty important things to explore, but protecting ourselves with insurance makes it easier.


Health insurance is at the top of the list because we’re shifting from eating Flamin’ Hot Cheetos for breakfast to developing a more sustainable diet.

During this phase of your life, you may want to address specific health conditions or even explore the idea of working with a therapist.

Mental health is just as important as physical health; insurance helps offset any additional costs you may need to pay when working with specialists. This can also help if you haven’t established yourself in your career just yet and you’re earning a bit less than you want to.


If you own a car, you may have already paid for an expensive repair or upgrade, so you know how expensive owning a car can be.

You may consider yourself a “perfect driver,” but there is no such thing. If you’re distracted for even a second while driving, you put yourself at risk of an accident.

Auto coverage may take care of losses, medical bills, third-party charges, and more. When you drive with insurance, you protect yourself and others from liability and unnecessary damages.

In addition, you may have to purchase auto insurance depending on the state you live in. Be sure to explore your options for auto coverage.


Keeping your pet safe, happy, and healthy is of the utmost importance as a pet owner. Taking care of them includes purchasing pet insurance so that they never miss a veterinarian examination.

If Max develops a cough or suddenly isn’t eating, you may immediately need to take them to the vet. Your pet insurance can help you pay for medications, surgeries, or any type of treatment your pet requires.


Your 20s are about exploring who you are as a person, and that includes what kind of home you want to live in. Many 20-somethings live in apartments until their early 30s because they’re still stabilizing themselves in their romantic, career, and personal life. Apartment living is more affordable, great for lower credit, and offers flexibility in living options. However, you must have renter’s insurance to protect you, your belongings, and your living space as a renter. Keep in mind that policyholders may determine what classifies as personal property.

If you’re entering this stage of your life, or you’ve been riding the 20s wave for a few years, make sure to arm yourself with the four main types of insurance to get in your 20s.

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