Common Mistakes That Could Destroy Your Electronics

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Common Mistakes That Could Destroy Your Electronics

It is nearly impossible to get through college without technology. Electronic appliances like cellphones and laptops are incredibly helpful tools that students need to be successful. They are also usually an investment since most of these devices cost a pretty penny.

To ensure that you’re getting the longest life out of your gadgets, you want to make sure you are taking care of them correctly. Avoid damaging your stuff by learning about these common mistakes that could destroy your electronics.

Mistake #1: You Aren’t Cleaning Them Right

The cleaning products you have access to might be scarce, especially if you’re a broke college student. It’s tempting to whip out your all-purpose cleaner to tidy up or sanitize your gizmos. In this case, the “all” in “all-purpose” is misleading.

Household cleaning supplies can damage your devices with harsh chemicals and may even subject them to water damage. Instead, try using a microfiber cloth to remove any smudging gently. If you need to do some heavy scrubbing, make sure to turn off your device and use isopropyl alcohol to dampen (not soak) your cloth.

Mistake #2: They Have No Form of Protection

One of the best features of a lot of gadgets is their slim, streamlined design. Understandably, you might avoid using a protective case to keep this effect. However, this is a huge mistake that could destroy your electronics.

We all know that horrible moment when you drop your phone and brace for cracks and scratches. Having a case will protect your devices during these clumsy moments. Protective casings will also keep your electronics away from water and other elements that may cause damage.

Mistake #3: You Use Them Around Water

Speaking of water, it is the #1 enemy of electrical products everywhere. Water causes internal damage to your devices that can be hard, if not impossible, to repair. Even if you’re using a case, water can creep into cracks and mess everything up.

Be aware of your surroundings before you set your gadgets down in a puddle of water. Keep beverages away from your computers and consoles in case of spilling. Also, as tempting as it is, try to avoid bringing your cell phone with you to the bathroom.

Mistake #4: You Haven’t Thought About Interference

Believe it or not, your devices are vulnerable to forces that you can’t see, like EMI and RMI. EMI (electromagnetic interference) and RMI (radio frequency interference) can severely damage the performance of your phones and computers without your even knowing.

The good news is that you don’t need to be a tech pro to prevent this problem. Some electronics already have technology in place to guard against interference. If yours doesn’t, make sure you protect your cellphone with EMI shielding, as well as protecting any other important gadgets.

Electronics are expensive to buy and pricey to fix. You want to do your best to keep them in good working condition. Now that you know about these common mistakes, you can avoid damaging your items and save money for other supplies necessary for school.

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